“Gays Were Taken Care Of”: Admission To Committing Crimes?

Ron Kirkland, admitting to crimes committed against gays``````

Ron Kirkland, (a physician!) brags about committing crimes against gay people?

What do these assholes mean by this exactly? This is what two political candidates in Tennesee said at a Tea Party event:

Kirkland, a Vietnam veteran, said of his time in the military: “I can tell you if there were any homosexuals in that group, they were taken care of in ways I can’t describe to you.”

Smith, who served in the first Iraqi war, added: “I definitely wouldn’t want to share a shower with a homosexual. We took care of that kind of stuff, just like (Kirkland) said.”

Investigate these assholes!  They have publicly bragged about having committed crimes, while active in military service.  And, they (Kirkland, anyway, it doesn’t say if Smith is) are physicians! Check on any rape cases that were swept under, considering the fact that 1-in-3 military women report being sexually assaulted by fellow soldiers, heterosexual male soldiers.  Pair those statistics with these two men’s (Kirkland and Smith) confessions of crimes while in the military and chances are very likely that they have assaulted female military personnel also.  Seems to make sense given how heterosexual men in general have a really difficult time controlling themselves, documented in many thousands of daily police reports across the world: rapes, murders, kidnappings, unspeakable child abuses — being male and heterosexual seems to preclude one to committing horrible crimes. </sarcasm> </sarcasm> Jeezus, it should be obvious.

The reason this really pisses me off is that this kind of stuff (“taking care of gays in ways that can’t be told”) goes on all the goddamned time.  Some 20+ years ago, my partner worked as a prison guard.  When word got out that he was gay, a couple of the other guards went around telling the inmates that he was a “cocksucking faggot”.  They left and left him locked behind three sets of iron bars, alone (the only guard), with violent criminal inmates given tacit approval from the other guards to kill him.  Thankfully, he wasn’t.  A complaint of the crime was made and they wrote up a bad performance appraisal and transferred him elsewhere and under the rug it was swept.

And thus, is one of countless incidences of hatred perpetrated on good people whose only “crime” is being that which is natural and innate and unthreatening.  Heterosexual men who are insecure within themselves do feel threatened by gay men who are twice the man any of them will ever be.

But this bullshit of “gays were taken care of in ways that can’t be described” needs to be called out for what it is.  This is exactly the speech that approves of and encourages sick sociopathic individuals (e.g., Christian Fundamentalists) to act out in violence against gay people, and gives bigots reason for discrimination.

At one of my previous employers, I had a boss, L.H., who said more than once that “we need to take every nigger, Jew and queer and line ’em up and shoot ’em.” Good church-going married man he was, by the way, who also regularly made drooling remarks over one of the office girls who was also married.  And, he had given me orders to pad pricing on jobs with bogus charges to the customers (industrial plants).  He did not like it when I protested and I had no choice, really.  Well, one day the rumor started: “Tom [me!] might be gay”, based on the facts that I was a 41-year-old man, divorced for ten years, no mention of a girlfriend or any women, etc.  Yeah, it really doesn’t take a genius to figure out!  So then one day I noticed that my shoot-niggers-jews-and-queers Christian bossman’s attitude toward me did a 180° turnabout.  Later, the office ladies told me about L.H. ranting in the front office that he “did not want a goddamned queer running his shop”.

I went from outstanding performance reviews, setting up an entire repair facility with my two hands, making profits soar for the company (even without the padding); I was well-liked, took great pride in my work, dedicated many long hours … I went from that status to “a goddamned queer”.  Zap!  Just like that, I was instant villain.  Being that there is no protection in Louisiana from getting fired for simply being gay, I had absolutely zero recourse.  I could have (almost) lost my home over that, a home that my partner and I designed and built together … I struggled hard financially for several months, but I made it.  I’m pretty tough, but I’ll admit that it put me in a bad depression there for awhile.  (That’s my “ENDA-related” personal story)

All of that b.s. because of attitudes like those of ASSHOLES (doctors?) who have admitted to crimes, Ron Kirkland and [Flinn Randy Smith], in the article, – (or “Smith“, as was put by the quote; it’s either a typo or it’s a third person not mentioned previously in the article, (the following text in italics added) in which case they need to clear up.  Commenter below says it’s “Randy Smith”.  The Tennesseean needs to rewrite that one sentence because it makes it seem the whole article is referring to Kirkland and Flinn.  The article lists a few viewpoints and attributes them to both Kirkland and Flinn.  If Flinn does not support these viewpoints as listed and quoted, the Tennesseean needs to clear it up.

Attitudes like these assholes (Kirkland and Smith) articulate so well is why thousands of children are beaten on the streets and in school, and thrown out of school and home. These kids end up on the streets or worse.  What if these assholes had said this about [fill in the blank] any other people?  Would that just fly?  “those niggers were ‘taken care of in ways I can’t describe to you'” … “yeh, those wetbacks were ‘taken care of in ways I can’t describe to you'” … “yeh, we had women in our unit … we ‘took care of them’ in ways I can’t describe to you”.  Would ANY of that fly?  No!

UPDATE: An upset commenter (the Flinn campaign) pointed out what I already said in the second to last paragraph … In the source article, there is absolutely zero mention of a “Smith” until near the end.  The entire article talks about Kirkland and Flinn, then enumerates views attributed to them, and then quotes, one would assume, the two people they wrote about.  To reiterate, Flinn’s stance on the subject is unknown (to me, anyway).

..link: The Tennesseean ..



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2 responses to ““Gays Were Taken Care Of”: Admission To Committing Crimes?

  1. Flinn Campaign

    Sir – please correct or clarify the above article. You are falsely attributing a quote to Dr. Flinn that did not occur. If you did research, rather than make assumptions, you’d see that there is a candidate in the race named Randy Smith.

    • Tom

      I did clarify in the second to last paragraph why I put “Flinn”. The source article makes it seem like “Smith” is a typo, as there is zero mention of a “Smith” previously. They should have written that sentence this way: “[first name] Smith, another candidate present at the event, said blah-blah-blah.” It looks like a typographical error and YOU need to have the Tennesseean re-write that sentence so this is cleared up and no one else misunderstands.

      I amended the post. My apologies to Mr. Flinn and staff, and Thanks – and don’t worry … nobody reads this crap. Well, except you!

      They (Kirkland and Randy Smith) are still assholes whose comments should be investigated. That kind of talk from anyone seeking public office is UNACCEPTABLE. Understood?
      I really hope, for the dignity and safety of ALL citizens there, that Flinn does not feel the same as Kirkland and Smith.

      Gay people WORK AND PAY TAXES just like EVERY other goddamn citizen who works and pays taxes. Public officials represent their gay constituents as well as every other law-abiding citizen and they have NO FUCKING RIGHT to tacitly approve of, and condone, violence against ANYONE.

      My tolerance for someone’s religion or viewpoint ENDS the second that someone starts to pronounce words of violence on anyone for a simple innate part of their natural being, whatever that may be, race, nationality, even if it’s another religion with which they disagree.
      Those attitudes expressed by the candidates are what perpetuates hatred and inspires bigots to do things like trying to set my partner up to be murdered. I’m sure that made their Jesus proud.

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