Maher On Muslim Whackjobs v. Christian Whackjobs

Bill Maher

Bill Maher

Bill Maher slams muslim extremists, saying they’re much crazier and far worse than our extremists.  I’ll second that!

Maher noted that at least the Christians have evolved enough not to poison-gas a girl’s school.

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3 responses to “Maher On Muslim Whackjobs v. Christian Whackjobs

  1. Hey Tom, I thought you might be interested in an article I recently wrote:


    All the best,

    • Tom

      Hey Nima!
      Thank you, that was an excellent read. …

      I view Maher for what he is, an ascerbic, cocky, a-hole sarcastic comedian … and yes, he unfairly attacks a lot of things, and all of that is kind of his schtick…

      From your article:

      “Even though his condemnation of Christianity, notably Catholicism, has won him the animus of bible-thumping bigots like Catholic League head William Donahue and he has excoriated the intolerance of Pat Robertson and reveled in the death of Jerry Falwell, Maher has consistently saved his most virulent attacks for Islam and its followers.”

      Yes he does, and he’s not alone on that – and people like him do fuel the Islam-bashing.
      Me, personally, I hammer religion, i despise religion because it’s people who fuck up religion … I blog mostly about Christianity because that is what I know, what I got involved in for a year, and that is what I’ve seen wreak damage in people’s lives around me (including myself).

      Topping it off was (trying to be brief) the “good church deacon” “Bill”, who, after knowing my parents for 35 years (Dad died 15 yrs into their friendship) ended up stealing petty cash from my Mom, forged one of her checks for $5K, took advantage of her sexually, cast a “prayer curse” over my two sisters who were down checking on her and began asking questions. After we got her away from him, he kept trying to influence her by phone to send him money. He did end up having to get bailed out of jail in the process.

      In honesty, I really couldn’t say which is worse of the Big 3…. and I view Christianity and Judaism as anything but fluffy and innocent.
      One of my brother-in-laws is Palestinian Arab (born in Syria) … his family fled to the U.S. when he was a teen; he’s about 75 today, my sister is 66; I was only 6 when they got married, so at the time I wasn’t aware of world events to know why our parents were angry about it. My sister and brother-in-law are very much not religious, but like most people back then, they had a copy of the Bible and the Quran which I looked at over the years when I would go stay with them in the summers. … other than that, I wasn’t exposed to religion (like, going to a sunday school and church) until I was 12.

      Anyway, because of my brother-in-law, I’ve been partial to the Palestinians’ plight, however, in spite of having a family member who went through that, I’ve never really studied any detailed history of it. I very, very much enjoyed reading your article, Nima … Thank you. (I rambled on, my apology 😉 )

  2. Thanks so much for the response, Tom.

    I absolutely agree with you regarding religion – as an staunch atheist myself, I have no interest in trying to figure out which of the Big Three monotheistic faiths is the “best” or the “worst.” They’re all stupid and destructive, in my opinion, and built on core elements of culture/ethnic/tribal exclusivity, absurd superstition, a pied piper-like obsession with power. Sure, they’re lovely stories…until you actually read them.

    My point in the Maher article (Maherticle?) was to point out the double standard of cultural supremacy, notably how offensive the “us” and “them” dichotomy really is, especially in the face of both historical events and current affairs. For Maher to blast Islam is no concern of mine, really (though in this hysterical post-9/11 world, there are racist undercurrents, sometimes overt, in Islam-bashing that don’t really exist in critiques of Judeo-Christian dogma), but for him to claim that Islam is “worse” than “Western” culture is ridiculous. Is Western culture defined by consumerism, the love of soccer, and watching television soap operas during mealtime? If so, Iran might be the most Western country on the planet.

    Anyway, I think you know what I’m getting at, which is to say that we certainly agree about the dangers posed by organized religion.

    Thanks again for your response and keep up the great work!

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