State Paid FRC’s George Rekers $87k For False Testimony To Ban Gay Adoption

co-founder of the FRC, George Rekers BUSTED!

Vehemently anti-gay Christian leader hired a rentboy(dot)com male "escort"

The male-hooker-buying co-founder of the Family Research Council was PAID $87k by Florida for his false testimony in the trial over the law banning gay couples from adopting.  Mothergodddamfuckers!  But, it was ruled unconstitutional.In her ruling, Lederman dismissed testimony from Rekers describing it as biased.

On Nov. 25, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Cindy Lederman struck down the adoption ban calling “illogical to the point of irrationality” and allowed Frank Gill to adopt two children he had foster parented for six years.

Reker and his equally anti-gay colleague Walter Schum were the only witnesses the state bothered to call. The ACLU, representing Frank Gill and his sons, filled the courtroom with child welfare experts and adoption and foster care specialists who testified that denying the adoption and removing the boys would inflict harm on the children.


“Dr. Rekers’ beliefs are motivated by his strong ideological and theological convictions., she wrote. “The court cannot consider his testimony to be credible nor worthy of forming the basis of public policy.”

George Rekers is also the co-founder of N.A.R.T.H. (National Association of Research and Therapy For Homosexuality) and is a member of the recently formed ACP (American College of Pediatricians), both of which are false-science based organizations that are soundly condemned by the real professional medical and psychiatric institutions.

More will be coming out about this wonder, wonderful scandal.

Oh, yeah … FRC has scrubbed their website of any mention of Dr. Pastor George Rekers.  I sent them a little email on their site congratulating them on their swift damage control:

email to FRC


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