George Rekers’ Teen Sex Today

George Rekers; "Teen Sex Today" - what better "hands-on" expert could there be?

George Rekers; "Teen Sex Today" - what better "hands-on" expert could there be?

How much creepier can one get?  Eeewwwww.

Why my blog on teen sex? As a doctor, I’ve talked to way too many teens who are downright angry at the rotten sex advice they’ve heard from adults. Hey, most adults give teens hardly any helpful information about sex in the first place. And then when so-called “experts” step forward to give sex advice, much of it is just flat wrong! Illogical and unscientific sex information can be found all over the Internet, on TV and radio, and even school books. Not only is this totally unfair, but I’ve had teen patients who have been physically and emotionally damaged by following the misleading advice from adults that teens expect to have the right answer.

Teens deserve better! You want straight talk and straight facts from a real expert who really cares about what’s best for you!

Yes, Dr. Pastor George is quite the expert on sex with teens teen sex!

God is for Suckers! has a great read about the good doctor-pastor.  Amen and amen:

But if you’re a Christian and you’re determined to make sure that everyone knows you’re a Christian — as if that somehow makes you better than everyone else — and if you like to spend your time sticking your nose into other people’s personal business so you can make it known far and wide that you don’t approve of their personal business, if you work to limit the rights of those people, and it turns out that you are engaging in the very behaviors you have condemned, then you, my friend, have made yourself a big fat target.  You can talk all you want about how much Jesus loves you and forgives you and thinks you’re just swell.  But keep in mind that Jesus isn’t here.  He’s not talking.  He’s not posting your bail and he’s not coming to your defense.  And his angry, bloodthirsty, vengeful father is not the one you should be worried about.  Worry about the people you’ve hurt, the people you’ve condemned, the people whose lives you’ve damaged.  And keep in mind that you’re on your own, pal.  As the saying goes, Jesus may love you, but everybody else thinks you’re an asshole.


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