Steve King Says Gays Shouldn’t “Flaunt It” At Work

Now these idiot douchebags are telling people that gays will show up at work in dresses to start law suits for discrimination, and if they just wouldn’t act so damn gay, they won’t suffer from discrimination.  Video below.

These idiots are clueless to the real world.  I lost a job, a really good job, because of a RUMOR that was started about my sexual orientation.  I never told anyone that I was gay or straight; I never talked about my personal life (I was partnered but kept no photos in my office, not even of pets, lest someone ask about them which leads to more personal questions) — but, after working there for two years, other people made it their business — people with nothing better to do with their brains started wondering about the 40-year old man (me) who had been divorced for over ten years, who never talks about women or having a girlfriend.  The bossman got in on the gossip, concluded that I must be gay, and *bam* his attitude did a 180° turnaround that day.

I had always been given superior performance reviews, set up an entire repair facility; I was trustworthy, dependable, and never objected to overtime or being on call-out duty, and I got along with everyone (there were only 8 employees).  When the discussion about my sexuality came up (without my knowledge), my boss told them (the three office ladies) “I’m not having a goddamned queer running this shop”.  One of the ladies came to my office and asked me directly if I was gay, and told me what the boss said.  In the state of Louisiana, there was no recourse.  To these ladies’ credit, they were only curious (well, nosy) and were totally supportive of me; they didn’t know, but should have known, that the boss would react they way he did.

Hey, Steve King and Tony Perkins, you lying douchebags —  Not once did I show up at work wearing a dress.  It totally would have got caught up in the machinery!  jeezus, what goddamned stupid assholes.  Point is, even when you “keep it to yourself”, people will make it their goddamn business, anyway and that is why ENDA is needed.

Here’s an excerpt (emphasis mine) from the Bill with EXEMPTIONS for RELIGIOUS organizations, and WORK DRESS CODES:

(4) DRESS AND GROOMING STANDARDSNothing in this Act shall prohibit an employer from requiring an employee, during the employee’s hours at work, to adhere to reasonable dress or grooming standards not prohibited by other provisions of Federal, State, or local law, provided that the employer permits any employee who has undergone gender transition prior to the time of employment, and any employee who has notified the employer that the employee has undergone or is undergoing gender transition after the time of employment, to adhere to the same dress or grooming standards for the gender to which the employee has transitioned or is transitioning.

Here is the excerpt from the Bill dealing with EXEMPTIONS from the Bill for RELIGIOUS organizations:


(a) In General- This Act shall not apply to any of the employment practices of a religious corporation, association, educational institution, or society which has as its primary purpose religious ritual or worship or the teaching or spreading of religious doctrine or belief.

(b) Certain Employees- For any religious corporation, association, educational institution, or society that is not wholly exempt under subsection (a), this Act shall not apply with respect to the employment of individuals whose primary duties consist of teaching or spreading religious doctrine or belief, religious governance, supervision of a religious order, supervision of persons teaching or spreading religious doctrine or belief, or supervision or participation in religious ritual or worship.

(c) Conformity to Religious Tenets– Under this Act, a religious corporation, association, educational institution, or society may require that applicants for, and employees in, similar positions conform to those religious tenets that such corporation, association, institution, or society declares significant. Under this Act, such a declaration by a religious corporation, association, educational institution or society stating which of its religious tenets are significant shall not be subject to judicial or administrative review. Any such declaration made for purposes of this Act shall be admissible only for proceedings under this Act.




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