Ridiculous Charges Against UK Preacher Are Dropped

U.K. street preacher Dale Mcalpine

Ridiculous charges against a U.K. street preacher dropped.

Dale Macalpine, a U.K. street preacher, was first arrested and charged with making the old “homos are going to hell”, blah blah, etc.; an officer heard him, he was hand-cuffed, printed, swabbed for DNA, the whole works.  Absolutely fucking ridiculous.  But common sense won and  the charges have been dropped.

The law is supposed to be used for instances of actual physical violence, but it was abused in this case.  Contrary to U.S. religious leaders’ claims when protesting the Hate Crimes Act, no one can get arrested for preaching in the U.S. because of our free speech protections.  That is a very good thing.

There are ways to deal with street preachers: derision is one; a robust round of blasphemy; the middle finger comes to mind, also.  Preach on, because I’m gonna preach on!


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