Haggard, Inc.

Totally heterosexual-with-issues Ted Haggard

Totally heterosexual-with-issues Ted Haggard

The totally heterosexual, recycled christian evangelist, and fame and money whore Ted Haggard and lovely wife and “author”, Gayle, have incorporated.  … let’s see, November 2006, ’til now … 3½ years is a pretty good comeback time.  Gayle’s milking her husband better than his party boy ever did, and Ted will be back behind the pulpit like a used car salesman.

He says they incorporated so they can keep accounting of all the traveling they do “ministering”.  Of course, that’s what the original church was founded for, tax exemptions.

From the Denver Post online, “Haggards incorporate new church”:

Ted and Gayle Haggard recently incorporated St. James Church, sited at their home on Old Ranch Road in Colorado Springs, where the couple held two overflowing prayer meetings in November.

The Haggards did not return The Post’s calls, but Ted Haggard, the deposed founder of the New Life megachurch, told the Gazette newspaper on Tuesday that the incorporation of a new church on April 29 was done for accounting purposes — tracking reimbursement of travel costs as they speak at churches and other venues around the country.

Haggard predicted to the Gazette that he would return to some form of ministry someday, and he wouldn’t rule out that St. James — whose name is derived from a verse in the Bible’s Book of James that states “faith without works is dead” — might one day be a real church.

Haggard was senior pastor at New Life for 25 years and a national evangelical Christian leader until his relationship with a male prostitute came to light in 2006. He and his wife left to live in Arizona as part of a severance agreement with the New Life board. They returned to Colorado Springs in mid-2008.

In November, more than 100 people attended each of the Haggards’ two prayer events, leading them to suspend services because, they told the Gazette, they weren’t ready to rent space to accommodate the crowds.

Attendees had spilled out of the Haggards’ living room at the first gathering and, a week later, overflowed into the Haggards’ barn.

Ted Haggard’s barn?  Hey, maybe he can invite Neal Horsley to his next service.



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