AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Homos Have “No Limit” To Savagery, Brutality

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association just cannot get any lower than he already has, but he does … if you can tell.  Claiming some of the outrageous lies straight out of Scott Lively’s book “The Pink Swastika”, Fischer says homos, uh, the macho ones, have “no limit” to their savagery and brutality.  According to him only the “effeminate homosexuals” were killed, and Hitler, himself a homo, could not find any hetero soldiers to carry out his gruesome orders, so he recruited “macho homos” to do the job, and so, this is the “threat” homos pose to the U.S.

Bryan Fischer’s sociopathic BFF at the FRC, Peter Sprigg, stated two years ago that he would have homos rounded up and exiled from the country; recently he says that homos should be re-criminalized and “sodomy” laws reinstated.  Fischer wants homos incarcerated and force-converted.

Fischer and a whole host of other sociopathic christian extremists put themselves in the line of ridicule with every outlandish public statement they make. They flaunt their delusions in bold attempts to normalize sociopathic, hateful behavior towards other human beings. Their goal is to keep repeating it, louder and louder, until it becomes Truth – that every gay person is vicious, predatory, savage, brutal, demon-possessed, an abomination to “God”; say it louder over again until it becomes Truth – that “God” and the Bible commands and expects his True Followers to rise against this hideous Insidious Homosexual Entity – with violence.  It is going on now (the calls for blood, like, Lou Engle’s Call rallies.  Just the other day, Fischer said that “God is obviously looking for” True Followers to be modern-day Phinehases, and urged his audience to go out and kill heterosexuals who are “engaging in sexual immorality” – just like the Saudi morality police – just like Islamic honor-killings – no difference.)

And they will praise this violence and cite the Bible in defense when one of their God-warriors starts having holy hallucinations and rips loose on a crowd of queers.  These sociopaths poison children’s minds with hatred, pounding in the belief that they are called upon by “God” to go out and literally wage war on sinners, using force if necessary (e.g. Becky Fischer, Lou Engle).  And these are the men and women who have tremendous influence over our lawmakers and influencing their decisions on public policies that should not concern religion.  The same men and women who claim how “silenced” christians are.

YouTube link – Bryan Fischer – Hitler was gay ..

Also read Alvin McEwin “Peter Sprigg Supports “Criminal Sanctions” Against the Gay Community”


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