Another Christian Sociopath: Bradlee Dean

Crazy cow Michelle Bachman, R-MN and Tom Emmer supports this sociopathic freak in his advocation of violence on gay people.  Bradlee Dean – another mentally ill, lying Christian sociopath projecting his self-loathing with his “ministry”, Sons of Liberty, aka You Can Run But You Cannot Hide.  I cannot believe the schools let these fuckers get anywhere near kids.  And, the radio show he’s on is broadcast from the Heritage Foundation and promoted on townhall-dot-com, a major conservative news site.

He makes several statements without any basis in fact or reality, like “On average, they molest 117 people before they’re found out …”.  And, he says, Muslims theocracies are “very moral” because of their stance on execution of gay people.  And they wonder, on the video (a female voice), why, why, why do these horrible, un-Christian people call us haters in the comments?

Bradlee Dean Says Gays Are Criminal Predators



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