Jesus Christ Gets Fried

Jesus on fire

Jesus, after smiting

One of the funniest things to happen in a while!  God smote the church but spared the adult shops across the highway.  And the bad part is they want to rebuild this tacky Jesus statue.  All that money, $250k on an ostentatious piece of shit “art”,  could have been used to actually help people.

Religious leaders are always pointing to the wrath of gOd whenever earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, etc.  happen.  It’s always a “sign”.  What do they say about this?  Clearly gOd is pissed at the Church!

“Zeus-1 Jesus-0” – very funny post. And this one: “Stupid Statue of Jesus…More Christian Stupidity”

UPDATE: This church, the Solid Rock Church, hosts a cure-the-gays ministry.  So perfect!  Clearly, gOd is angry with the ex-gay ministries.  This is only a warning to them.

Touchdown Jesus before smiting

Jesus, before smiting


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