Linda Jernigan Shares The Love

Linda Jernigan preaches the lieAnother “ex-gay” tool projecting her own effed-up life and self-loathing onto others, spouting the Old Testament.  On her website, Linda Jernigan says that God commands christians to “UTTERLY DESTROY” (her own CAPS) the “demonic forces” and gay people are those demonic forces, and God commands christians to “destroy them without apologies” — BUT, but “please know” she doesn’t “promote violence towards homosexuals” BUT christians can “confidently annihilate demonic forces” (the homosexuals) — but remember, she, or rather, “God (and I) loves homosexuals” — she had to include herself in parentheses there ‘coz, you know, she’s only loving them because gOd makes her love them, yet gOd commands her to kill them.

Yeah, I’m feeling the love.  Loud and clear, Ms. Jernigan, from every extremist’s pulpit these days I hear it loud and clear, every Deuteronomy death proclamation, every Leviticus call for blood.  This is exactly the kind of talk I heard coming from politicians in ’06 that woke me up from my happy little life.

“From almost twenty years of personal experience I know homosexuality is filled with pain, torment, shame, and confusion. In addition, suicide rates among lesbians are twice as high in comparison to heterosexual women. Also, 30% of all suicide attempts among people between the ages of 15-24 are homosexuals; and, domestic violence is the third leading cause of death among homosexuals (behind AIDS and substance abuse) How loving does this sound? Can you see how homosexuals are using simple words to advance their agenda? In addition to advancing their agenda, Satan’s desire is to place the church under arrest in our communications (print and media), speech (verbal and nonverbal), and language (words).

Demons!  Annihilate!  Agenda! Kill!  “Can you see how [christian whackjobs] are using simple words to advance their agenda?”, and their lies?  Jernigan’s “personal experience” is not mine, nor anyone else’s I know.  Jernigan is another one of these christian extremists who come from some really effed-up backgrounds (I am reminded of James Hartline with his meth-burned brain).  This is her fucked-up life, this is her torment, confusion and shame, it is her alcoholism, her drug addiction (from her ‘about‘ page) and food addiction (unless it’s ‘glandular’, my apology; other than that, she is a glutton, which is soundly condemned in the Buy-Bull) and definitely not treating her body as a temple.  The Bible also says that women shall not adorn themselves and that they shall not be allowed to speak, teach, or have any kind of authority over men.  Then there’s that Ten Commandment thing, like, you know, Do Not Lie.  Yikes!  Looks like Linda doesn’t follow her own scriptures very well at all.  Her Bible is crystal clear about following these rules!

From my “twenty years of personal experience I know” that I have had a truly wonderful life.  I know that I have had love and joy and I have had the deepest of heartaches (no, I’m not bipolar, lol).  That is how life is, you see, and one has to make one’s happiness in this life — whether one is gay or straight.   Life is life and straight folks do not have a free pass and a guarantee of a problem-free life.  But, if one takes a dog and constantly kicks and yells and beats the dog, the dog will be seriously damaged — human beings are no different, and this poor woman has been mentally kicked like a dog (religiously indoctrinated and mentally terrorized) from her early years (paraphrased from her ‘about’ page).  That is what religion does, especially when it’s done to children and their forming identities.  Religion creates broken people to spend their lives hating who they are, driving people like Ms. Jernigan to alcohol and other drugs (the background of oh-so-many religious zealots), depression, suicide.

When self-proclaimed christian parents physically throw their kids out of their homes and onto the streets, how loving does that sound, Ms. Jernigan, huh?  There are thousands and thousands of kids thrown away by “loving christian parents”.  Religion is most of the cause of the very problems they blanket attribute to all gays, or to whoever the hell else they think is sinful or unacceptable.  Religion and the Church are the masters of word spin and stealthy agendas.  The Church must keep people in fear and they must induce fear to keep the mind grip.  That is not love.

Here’s some more of this poor, deluded woman’s demon talk:

“In addition, saints, we must arise and become keenly aware of Satan’s devices. We have a mandate from God to UTTERLY DESTROY (Joshua 6:21, Exodus 22:20, 34:13, Deut 7:2) any kingdom that attempts to oppose and defy the standards, laws, and principles of our God! And, we are to destroy them without apologies! Please know, I do not promote violence towards homosexuals or any group of people but we can confidently annihilate demonic forces that oppose the expansion of the Kingdom of God. In addition, I fully understand that God (and I) loves homosexuals but wrapped within His love is a way of escape that is absolutely extended toward homosexuals. Hallelujah!” – “Ex-gay” PastorLinda Jernigan, from her site Rescuing Homosexuals. [via Joe.My.God]

Do these whack-jobs even hear or read what they say?  This is the rest of the verse Jernigan left out, Joshua 6:21 And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword. And, the verses following, Joshua 6:21 – 27; it’s one of the infamous slaughters in the “good” book, where everyone and everything, even babies, are sliced up with the sword and gOd is very pleased.  Exodus 22:20, – He that sacrificeth unto any god, save unto the LORD only, he shall be utterly destroyed. Exodus 34:13 – But ye shall destroy their altars, break their images, and cut down their groves …  And Deut 7:2 – And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor shew mercy unto them:

Religious extremists turn into delusional sociopaths.  This woman is so delusional, so fearful of what she is, so desperate to kill her natural self (that’s what the Church teaches) that she believes it is O.K. to kill people in the name of an imaginary being.  But, she really, really doesn’t “promote violence towards homosexuals or any group of people”.  Keep that in mind as she (and all the ones like her) keep warning reminding us that gOd commands our “annihilation”.

Religious extremism is a dangerous mental illness.



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3 responses to “Linda Jernigan Shares The Love

  1. glo

    i happened on your site.. I’m a Christian (don’t react :)! and from reading your bio, the intensity of your sentiment for anything Christian reveals a lot, friend. I was curious as to why you left the faith, if you don’t mind saying. Your rabidness for Christianity is more than cerebral, which indicates to me you have a particular reason for hating Christianity. hope to hear back.

    • Tom

      Hi, glo,

      You made me actually laugh out loud 😉 I don’t bite. … I have the same disdain for all religion – I think I say that over on the sidebar – I relate posts mostly on Christianity because that is what I got involved in. You’re right, it’s more than cerebral; that, plus a gut-wrenching disgust – but, I sure don’t make any attempts to hide it — so, there’s really nothing to “reveal” — if you got that impression, my apologies, I’ll try harder, LOL. My friends know me as someone who doesn’t sugar-coat his words. 😉

      The question “why I left” will be the subject of a lengthy future post – something I haven’t gotten to, yet. In fact, you can find thousands of blogs on the internet with personal stories on leaving a faith (Christianity, Islam, etc), even former clergy/pastors. It’s a long and complicated process for most, but maybe not as hard for me, as I wasn’t indoctrinated from birth. I never was one to believe in “magical thinking” and that’s what it takes.

      I don’t know if I could even brief it here, but, I’ll try … I left the church and religion 30 years ago because I woke up to the scam after being in it for about 10 months, when I realized that what we were being told was wrong and just plain crazy; it stemmed from a particular incident, but it all added up. The more I studied, the more I realized it’s all a scam; I have nothing left for the lunacy of religious beliefs but contempt and derision. Anyway so, life went on; now, after decades of “religious people behaving badly”, religious crap that has affected my life, my friends’ lives and my family can no longer be ignored. Religion has had it far too easy, being above question, criticism or reproach — and that day has ended in this country, thanks in part to the internet.

      A couple of straws broke the camel’s back in ’06 and that’s when I started really paying attention to the damage that organized religion is doing to this country and this world. The things that are said and done in the name of a deity appall me – and the lies –ugh, don’t get me started (‘lulz’). Anyway, I got angry and started this blog to let out the steam. I’m certainly no writer … but an avid reader and a ‘rabid’ ranter. Hope that explains it a little.

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