Texas GOP 2010 Platform

It will not surprise me if this catches on in the neighboring red states.  This is just fucking sickening, wanting to make it a felony, yes, a felony, for anyone to perform a same-sex wedding ceremony and a whole array of crazy things that would affect everyone — the blog Waking Up Now compares the anti-gay parts of the GOP 2010 platform to the Uganda anti-gay legislation.

After all, it was our own U.S. evangelicals who inspired that legislation with a March 2009 conference in Kampala, and they are all in the same circle of deluded, sociopathic, demon-hunting lunatics who have the complete attention and submission of our Republican men and women.  Lunatics like Scott Lively, Lou Engle … shit, there are too many to list.

This shit in Texas is only the beginning of it.   These evangelicals are not going to stop with trying to criminalize gay people — they are already expressing their desires to legislate all sexuality and many other areas of people’s personal lives that do not fit into their Mayberry fantasy land.

Everyone else, all non-believers of invisible sky fairies, needs to wake up or one day find ourselves living in the United Theocracy of America.


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