The Pope Needs A Miracle

Pat Condell owns the Pope (aka “God’s Rottweiler”) — Pat can be the atheists’ Rottweiler!  I love his response to the Pope’s statement that ‘priests are G0d’s gift to the world‘ (yeah — makes me choke, too.

Pat: “as if God said, ‘Hey, world! I’ve got a gift for you.  I got it specially.  It’s a predatory class of self-serving parasite who will suck out your dreams and grind them to dust, who will poison your naturally joyous and spontaneous natures with the leaden and life-draining emotions of guilt and fear, and who will lead you away from the path to wisdom and enlightenment and straight into a box canyon of superstition and dogma solely for their benefit, and you are going to lap it up like puppy dogs.  Any questions?  No, I didn’t think so.   Well, just for that, I’m going to let them rape your kids as well, and get away with it.  Enjoy!’ “

Video after the fold …

via: Atheist Media Blog


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