More ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy Sexual Abuse

Conversion therapy is a fraud, plain and simple.  The only way it survives is because of it’s religious cover, just like faith healing; if not for that, they would all be shut down.  For now, they’re doing very well at keeping up the pattern of sexual and psychological abuse while getting paid to do it.

How can one justify this kind of “therapy”?  What kind of warped thinking is this?  Alan Downing of JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality) makes his “patients” strip down and fondle themselves in front of a mirror while he watches.  Fucking Christ, man!  JONAH, by the way, was founded by Arthur Abba Goldberg, a convicted (in 1987) Wall Street criminal and disbarred (in 1995) ex-lawyer.  Also involved in NARTH, co-founded by George Alan Rekers, who became unintentionally very famous for his rent-boy vacation.

source: TWO



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2 responses to “More ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy Sexual Abuse

  1. holy shit, that’s fucked.

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