Mormons Interrupted

Hilarious video, Australian documentary maker John Safran going off on Mormons and their early Saturday morning proselytizing.  Funny guy — “Now listen up, Mormons! A lot of people would say you’re freaks – that you wear special underpants and worship some guy with magic glasses.” — oh, it gets better.  Then it cuts to Mormons getting a taste of their own Saturday morning bashin’-on-the-door medicine … by a pair of bicycle-riding atheists dressed like Mormon missionary guys — with their Australian accents.  Via The Gaytheist Agenda:

Mormon missionaries constantly show up on people’s doorsteps promoting their religious lifestyle. So why do they act like complete boors when atheists come knocking on their doors?

(can’t get the video to embed — click above link)



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3 responses to “Mormons Interrupted

  1. Actually, this guy is behind the times.

    For the past ten years, the LDS Church has been phasing out door-to-door work. Even when I was a missionary in Japan in 1994, we recognized that door-to-door was probably the least effective method of contacting people available and we were encouraged to use other methods. I think I went door-to-door perhaps 10 times in my entire two years in Japan.

    Increasingly, the LDS Church has been moving things to member referrals and community service outreach. They’ve also been branching out into online work.

    So, funny or not, this Australian guys is a day late and a dollar short so to speak. He’s working off a stereotype of Mormonism that has shifted greatly in the last decade.

    • Tom

      ..thanks for that update – yeh, it’s an old stereotype for sure. It made me remember the JW’s and Mormons in the ’70s. 😉 -I don’t know when this vid was –ok, i just looked it up, it was uploaded 44 mos. (almost 4 yrs) ago.

      • Well, in all fairness, door-to-door is still used in some quarters. But it is aggressively being phased out.

        But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t still used – usually when a missionary doesn’t have anything better to do with their time for the day.

        As to door approaches, you’ll find that the civility, respect, or pushiness and such will vary from missionary to missionary. Some missionaries won’t accept the word “no.” Other’s are pretty easy-going about people who don’t have time for them.

        Takes all kinds out there.

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