Scott Lively On The Daily Show

Scott Lively, the model Christian sociopath psychopath who dropped “a nuclear bomb against the gay agenda in Uganda” (his own words) and who is responsible for fueling the fires of hatred in other countries around the globe, was interviewed  by Jason Jones on The Daily Show about ending DADT.

I am not gay! Hrmph!
Christian sociopath Scott Lively on The Daily Show

After this fuckwit Lively explains that the Nazis persecuted gays in order to divert attention from their own gayness, the look on his face is priceless when Jason Jones says, “So, that which you hate the most, you secretly are.” After a beautifully uncomfortable pause (for Lively) and brow-raising from Jones, Lively retorts “I am not gay”, inflected with a “how dare you” tone. The audience howls, Jones says “I didn’t say you were.”  This video won’t embed, so click the link above or below.

via: Ex-Gay Watch


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