Pat Condell: The Faith Of Idiots

Lulz: “When does embracing religion become the equivalent of having an operation to have your IQ lowered?”

via Mike Tidmus blog


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One response to “Pat Condell: The Faith Of Idiots

  1. Patrick O'Connor

    Wow, Pat!
    You call me an idiot! Ha, I feel sorry for you, you are so narrow minded. I would only call you such, because you have the gall to lambast Christians with words like “shit” and “idiot.”
    There is nothing more boring than a rational athiest. I would challenge you on what you conceive to be the essesence of reality, or even better, to ask you what happens to your sense of being when you die, but alas, you won’t be able to answer me with truth. Why? Because you don’t know, and neither do all your dumb ass athiest scientists. There are some questions you can’t answer with your logic and your scientific algorythms. Some things you just got to take on faith, man.
    You’re a poor bastard; after a while your arguments get boring and I will have heard it all from you. Then I will have the great pleasure of ignoring you.
    Patrick O’Connor,
    London, Ontario, Canada

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