Prop 8 Proponents Try For Appeal

Thrashing about, their arms flailing, red-faced and spewing spittle (I’m not exaggerating by much!), the Prop 8 proponents come up with a 95-page mess of a document (and they wonder why they lost at trial?) to make an emergency motion for a stay pending appeal.

These fuckers are going to make the whole thing as messy as they can, which contradicts one of their claims for keeping the stay.  They claim that if we just go ahead and allow these dirty fucking queers same-sex couples to start marrying, and then they win an appeal, there will be more way more than the 18,000 already-married couples and the legal mess will be a burden for the public [?!] – or, something like that.

Everything they’re arguing, they’ve already argued it — and poorly.

Read it here: Protect Marriage Appeal

UPDATE: Attorney General’s opposition to emergency motion for stay pending appeal

via: Joe.My.God.


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