AFTAH Hate Academy Exposed

sweaty hog LaBarbera

"Porno Pete" LaBarbera

This is great, Peter “Porno Pete” LaBarbera’s 3-Day Hate Academy was full of spies, two sent by Friendly Atheist, and you can see the great 3-part write-up there: Day 1 of 3, Day 2 of 3, and Day 3 of 3.  … the things they talked about were predictable and despicable.  But, what would you expect from this bunch of freaks?

This part amuses me .. a speaker was schooling everyone on the correct terminology to use; one advice was never use the word “gay“, always use “homosexual” because it sounds more degrading – “gay” was too positive, and besides, no one is actually gay, anyway.  Always refer to all of them as the same and make it as frightening as you can make it (even if you have to make shit up without citation), and on and on.  Then there’s the unspoken: never, ever admit to the reality that there actually are gay people (but don’t use that word!) who are good people, and pretend that heterosexual people whose lives are wrecked do not exist.

This is why, as explained in the left sidebar, I make the blanket derogatory references to heterosexuals and christians on the blog, it’s just to mock the way these anti-gay nut-jobs talk.  And, are they really so stupid to think that no one can see right through them, anyway?  I’m afraid the answer is, yup.  The other really amusing instruction from a speaker calling himself an “ex-gay” (that’s short for “still-gay”) to never talk to “homosexuals” about sex or the bible because it only serves to “turns them off”, but instead quote science to them and then they will be dazzled with your hetero-ex-gay brilliance and will be left dumbfounded.  Yeeeah.  Um, except for that little thing about christians rejecting any real science that doesn’t line up with their magic book and pre-determined outcomes.  Sorry, but – FAIL.


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