Lou Engle Brings TheCall To Sacramento

TheCall Sacramento

With “offering stations” conveniently planted throughout the grounds at the state capitol building in Sacramento, Lou Engle attracts thousands of bleating sheeple to fast and pray away the Homosexual Demons™.  (YouTube video after the fold)  A couple of snips from the SFGate Online:

Ken and Antoinette Rodrigues, who described themselves as born-again Christians, drove in from Fremont to attend Saturday’s rally after their daughter-in-law saw it over the Internet.

It’s a little more blunt than I anticipated, not that I’m opposed to that, but the things they are speaking, it’s bold, very bold,” said Antoinette Rodrigues, 48. “But I feel that it’s very appropriate and timely.”

Yes, Antoinette, calling for the blood of gay people is pretty goddamned blunt, but it’s nowhere near appropriate.  I don’t know about this particular event (this is the only clip of this I can stomach right now), but there are many times that Lou Engle and other public christian figures do just that — call for the Leviticus-style literal spilling of the blood of queers in the streets — calling for christians to be martyrs in the same way that islamic zealots do.

Maybe ole Ken and Antoinette should use that internets thingy they discovered and do some deeper research into this lunatic psychopath’s dangerous and evil beliefs.  She will find that a lot of her fellow christians believe that Engle himself is possessed by demons and is one of the false prophets foretold in the Bible (which is all bullshit — it’s called mental illness).  Engle glorifies himself to the point of self-deification.

Engle said it was the 17th fast hosted by TheCall in 10 years. Previous events have been held in New York, Boston, Nashville, Tenn., as well as in other parts of California such as Pasadena and San Francisco. It follows a similar prayer march and rally to a Houston abortion clinic back in January.

OK, now after all of this fasting and magical incantations, don’t ya think this alleged deity would have smitten all of the dirty queers and sinners by now?  Or, does Lou just need more venues dotted with “offering stations”?

Lou’s son, Jesse Engle, has been in the heart of the Castro District in San Francisco for a few years now battling the Homosexual Demons™.  Gangs of Christofascists (love that word) go there (fairly often, I’d guess – SF is hardly the only place xtian whackos do this) to intentionally provoke people, hoping to get a violent response so that they can claim they were helpless victims being attacked by Teh Evil Homos™

A clip from TheCall Sacramento:

From the video: he had a dream in San Diego “… I was flying over California and I was roaring to victory on the cross over Jezebel [a man in the crowd shouts “Hallelujah!”] and I woke up under the power of the Spirit and I was roaring to victory with the cross [some claps and cheers] …”  He goes on — he had a dream in St. Louis and he had a dream in Sacramento, had a dream in San Francisco; he starts a prayer, nutty people in the crowd are heard speaking in tongues.

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  1. I knew Lou when he was an assistant pastor at a church “planted” in Pasadena, CA, by its founding body in Washington, D.C. He performed a “deliverance” on me for smoking cigarettes; told me he didn’t think I was going to “make it” until I saved my first soul (apparently, he believes in works, not faith); was counseled by the senior pastor about his maniacal rocking. On one weekend camping retreat, I awoke in my tent in the middle of the night because Lou was outside praying and rocking like an infant having a tantrum. I feel sorry for Therese. Personally, I believe Lou Engle is a self-loathing, closeted homosexual. It is a universal truth that we rail most loudly against that which we despise in ourselves. God will hold him accountable for all the pain he has caused, and for the lives lost in Uganda thanks to Engle’s hate-mongering. I’d wish one of his kids were gay, but I’d hate for them to be subjected to whatever “treatment” Engle and his blind, hateful followers would impose.

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