Court Rules Christian Group Can’t Force Prop 8 Appeal

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The Pacific Justice Institute (meaning, justice for christians only) were rejected in their attempt to force Schwartzenegger and Brown to appeal the unconstitutional Proposition 8.  Face it, haters.  You cannot force people to live by your religion’s inside rules.  Keep pushing it!  You’ll lose.  Snips from a Google news story (emphasis added):

The court did not explain why it rejected the emergency petition filed by the Pacific Justice Institute. The institute had argued that the attorney general and governor were required to uphold all laws, including initiatives passed by voters.

Get it through your thick skulls, christians: it’s been ruled unconstitutional — laws that deny legal, tax-paying citizens equal rights that are given to the rest of the citizenry, even when voted by a majority, are unconstitutional, no matter how much you think an imaginary god says otherwise.  Throughout the history of this country, it has been demonstrated that the majority cannot vote out the rights of a minority.  Most, if not all, of those times, it was Religion (Christianity) that was standing on the side of bigotry and discrimination, and on every one of those times, Religion loses.

Now, about that Prop 8 52% majority — most people know early on how they’ll vote on something; it’s the considerably small group of undecided voters that, especially in this case, were swayed by the lie-filled campaign ads designed to stir up fear.  Without their lies and fear tactics, Proposition 8 would have been defeated by a similar margin.

The religious right knows this, and they know that the only way to get their way is to lie and scare people — that is the only way religion can survive and propagate itself — control through dissemination of false information and fear.

Schwarzenegger, who has been under pressure from fellow Republicans to appeal Walker’s decision, has said he supports the judge’s verdict. Brown, who is the Democratic nominee to succeed Schwarzenegger as governor, has said he cannot defend Proposition 8 because he agrees it is unconstitutional.

“Although it is not every day that the attorney general declines to defend a state law, the state Constitution or an initiative, he may do so because his oath requires him (to) support the United States Constitution as the supreme law of the law,” Deputy Attorney General Tamar Pachter wrote on Brown’s behalf Wednesday.

The coalition of conservative and religious groups that sponsored Proposition 8 has appealed Walker’s ruling to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. But doubts have been raised about whether its members have authority to do so because as ordinary citizens, they are not responsible for enforcing marriage laws.

The 9th Circuit has said that is one of the issues it will take up when it hears oral arguments in early December.

If the federal appeals court dismisses the appeal because the ban’s proponents lack legal standing, Walker’s ruling would become final unless the U.S. Supreme Court agrees to take up the case.

If the high court refuses to intervene, gay couples would be able to marry in California again.

And if/when that happens, my partner and I will be one of those couples before they take it back again.  Our earlier plans to tie the knot were dashed by the November 2008 election.  Hopefully, not this time.


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  1. Great article! You’re right, no one can force people to live by other people’s religion or superstition. Of all people, even the Real Housewives of New Jersey have come out for marriage equality and point out that it’s not a family issue, it’s a fear issue;

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