‘Army Of God’ Follower Busted On Terrorism Plot

He said he has learned a lot from Muslim terrorists and calls himself the Christian counterpart of bin Laden.  A self-proclaimed “Army of God” member, 26-yrar-old Justin Carl Moose probably should have taken a tip from bin Laden and not post his stuff on Facebook.  Doh!

Justin Carl Moose, Christian Terrorist
Justin Carl Moose

The Army of God (dot.com — I’m not linking to it, ugh, but go look if ya want) has a page called “Prisoners of Christ”, but I think they mean “for Christ”.  There they pay homage to all of Christ’s warriors (extremist whackos) who have been imprisoned meted out god’s justice on abortion providers.  They’re not real fond at all of gay folk, either, and they’re not shy about suggesting the Biblical punishment required for Teh Gay.

Apparently, he knows the Biblical way to treat his women, too.  From the Charlotte Observer:

Court records show Moose has no criminal history in North Carolina other than minor traffic charges. In 2006, a woman took out a domestic violence restraining order against him in Cabarrus County, but it was voluntarily dismissed days later. The woman declined to comment Thursday.

Yeh, “voluntarily dismissed”.

Screenshot from the AoG website:

Prisoners of Christ
(click to enlarge)


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