Pastor Jones’ Estranged Daughter: ‘He Needs Help’

Pastor Terry Jones’ estranged daughter, living in Germany, speaks to Spiegel online.  Pastor Jones had a church in Cologne, Germany; he was ousted over tiny matters of doctrine and finances, and some of his flock even followed him all the way to Florida.  Without the cover of religion, people like this would be in mental institutions.  A few clips (emphasis added):


Jones: My mother, Lisa Jones, died in 1996 of a heart attack. Shortly thereafter, my father remarried and I left the church at age 17. In 2005, he offered me a job as a bookkeeper in a company belonging to the church, which sold donated furniture on eBay. I gained a new insight, and realized that my father preached things and did things that I didn’t find to be in accordance with the Bible at all. He demanded that people completely obey him and his second wife, Sylvia. Both are extremely obsessed with power. I saw genuine religious delusion. A typical indication of a sect. Both of them wanted to control everything.


Jones: I didn’t agree with those things which I saw as exploitation and psychological abuse. I repeatedly brought those things up. In the end, he called me into his office and said he received a message from God for me: God would take my children and then kill me. I stood up and left. Then I contacted members of the church and tried to open their eyes. And I was successful.


SPIEGEL ONLINE: It is true, then, that the church in Cologne ousted your father itself?

Jones: Yes.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Did he leave Cologne willingly?

Jones: It was a mixture. We confronted him and demanded that he correct his errors. But he didn’t give in. When we brought up the church finances, he disappeared the next day.


Jones: I don’t know what’s going through his head. I think he has gone crazy. But I am convinced that he thinks his plan is both correct and good.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: He has indicated that the final decision will be imparted to him by God. Does he see himself as someone who is in constant contact with God?

Jones: Yes. He was constantly comparing himself with Moses.


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