Judge Dismisses Christian Group’s Challenge To Hate Crimes Act

A group of Michigan christians unsuccessfully tried to convince a judge that they could or will be jailed for preaching against homos under the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.  Their claims are so ridiculous the judge had to be doing face-palms.  They admitted that they’ve not ever committed crimes under the Act, nor been charged with any crime under the Act, nor do they intend to commit crimes covered by the Act.  So, what the fuck’s their problem?  (Yes, we know the answer to that question.)

The lawsuit, filed in February by the conservative Thomas More Law Center, cited Bible passages, George Orwell’s Animal Farmand made references to the “homosexual agenda.” The plaintiffs had argued that the law violates their constitutional right to speak out against what they say is immoral sexual conduct.

No, it doesn’t.  They have obviously not read any of the actual legislation that they’re challenging.  There is nothing in the law that prohibits a preacher or any other religious wanker from speaking out about squat.  The so-called “homosexual agenda” and “culture war” were created by these religious wankers to feed and bolster their Persecuted Christian™ status (I probably do use the ™ too much).

Ludington dismissed an argument made by the plaintiffs that they might unintentionally cause headaches and stomachaches because of their preaching, which could be interpreted as “bodily injury.” Even if that definition was accepted, Ludington said the plaintiffs didn’t say they intentioned to cause such ailments.

Where to start with this stupidity?  The only damn stomach ache I get is from laughing at them.  They’re right, though, their stupidity can sometimes cause headaches when face-palms turn into repeated head-desk impacts.

“Most importantly, Plaintiffs do not allege that they intend to ‘willfully cause’ any ‘bodily injury’,” wrote the judge.

Lawyers for the religious leaders had previously said that if they didn’t prevail, they planned to appeal the decision all the way to the Supreme Court.

Go for it, idiots!  Goddamn it, these people are dense!  Aargh.  So then, I could challenge shoplifting laws, because even though I’ve not shoplifted, nor ever plan to, I still could be accused or arrested for it simply by being inside a retail store.  Makes as much sense.

They’re victims of their own lies and gullibility.  Christian groups circulate so much false information among themselves until it becomes The Truth™, like some kind of pathological liars, or something … or something.  Their leaders (an example: Tony Perkins) have a de facto infallibility based on the assumption that they speak for (G)od and therefore can’t and won’t state things that are not true (deliberately lie); their followers will readily believe anything they put out.  The Tony Perkinses will lie and stir up fear because that is the only way they can stay in business to meddle in government, fuck people’s lives, and not pay taxes.

Since the passage of the Act, and well before, the Tony Perkins-types have been lying about the contents of the bill (as they do with every bill) and claiming that mere thoughts or speech will be outlawed.  But the fact remains: No one can be charged with a hate crime for reading from the Bible and preaching about gays or atheists or [insert different religion] — a person must commit a physical act of violence on a person or their property.  Like this.

Christians have not only been covered under the Act since the original version, they also have free speech and religious protections just like everyone else.  And free speech goes both ways.


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