Christine O’Donnell And The “Ex-Gay” Scam

This lady is an incredible piece of work!  Besides her long record of many-faceted scumbag behavior, lies and looney statements, Christine O’Donnell is another Christian scam artist making a buck on the “ex-gay” therapy scam.

Also, Christine “dabbled in witchcraft” (video below the fold) … She must be put to death according to her unchanging, infallible, holy scriptures.  By letting this admitted witch/sorceress live, other innocent Christians can be at risk for demon possession, or, something.  Christians, pick up those stones and do what you know is commanded in God’s Infallible, Unchanging Word.  And none of this “oh-we-follow-the-New-Testament” bullshit.  Jesus himself allegedly said (allegedly, because Jesus probably never existed, and even if he did, the NT was written after he allegedly died by people who never met him) that he was not here to throw out the Old Laws, that you must keep “every letter” of the Law.

Now, get them stones and stone the bitch, I mean, witch.



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