OneNewsNow Has A Problem With Biblical Values On TV

TLC’s show, Sister Wives(yeah, sounds gross), is upsetting a lot of christians at OneNewsNow.  What’s the problem?  I thought christians wanted more television programming with Biblical values, dammit!

From OneNewsNow, “TLC promoting polygamy“:

TLC — formerly The Learning Channel — will soon broadcast a new show, but one pro-family group is warning parents that it might not be something they would want their families to view.

The new show, Sister Wives, largely presents the illegal practice of polygamy in a positive light. Some are wondering why the program has yet to ignite outrage, but Bob Peters of Morality in Media tells OneNewsNow he is not surprised by the show’s concept.

“When it comes to the family, TV has pretty much forgotten about healthy families and they’ve pretty much forgotten about how their media can influence people for good, like having a realistic family like 7th Heaven, which was a rare exception on television where you actually had a family where people loved each other and treated each other with respect,” Peters laments.

Yes, healthy, religious families that foster some of the most abusive, repressive, spirit-killing environments for kids.

But really, why are most U.S. Bible-believers against polygamy?  It’s clearly the favored family structure in the Bible.  The Christian Dictator Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe supports polygamy because it is in the Bible, and says polygamy is guaranteed in their constitution.  Many African Christian nations practice polygamy, nations that members of the U.S. Religious Reich have praised because of their Biblical Values, their stance on ‘social issues’.

Here’s a whack-a-loon Christian website I just found that says “Christian polygamy is legal!” … funny stuff and this loon is really serious:

Forcing monogamy upon laymen is part of a medieval theology based on the traditions of men. Forced celibacy for priests came out of this same medieval tradition. There are three forms of chastity spoken of in the Bible and which are acceptable to this day; celibacy, monogamy, and biblical polygamy (one man married to more than one woman.) Forced monogamy is NOT a Christian belief any more than forced celibacy or forced polygamy would be. We can no longer allow the gospel as taught in the years following the resurrection of our Lord to be overlaid with such medieval traditions as forced monogamy which have the effect of “invalidating the word of God.” Mark7:13 We wonder how many other “doctrines of demons” 1Tim4:1-3 continue to be taught in today’s so called Bible Believing Churches. Medieval and unbiblical theologies should not be given a place of honor in any church that calls itself Christian. Laymen as well as clergy can no longer be fooled by high sounding titles and degrees into thinking that the traditions of man are taken from the Bible when they are not. We have access to Greek and Hebrew translations of the bible as never before. I myself am a linguist having studied five languages and regularly speak a language not my own. Am I to believe that men who, when going out as missionaries, cannot even learn the native language are more able to understand how to read a Greek or Hebrew dictionary than I am? Am I to believe that a degree in theology makes a man holy? Certainly not.


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