Marriage Equality Is Not A Threat In Iowa

Starting with the quote that torques me:

“They shouldn’t be allowed to marry,” Maggie Gallagher, chairman for the National Organization for Marriage, said in an e-mail. “They shouldn’t be allowed to redefine marriage to mean whatever relationship (they) choose.”

First off, I’ll refrain from saying “Maggie, go fuck yourself!”. I think it’s fair to claim that, according to the definition of “traditional” marriage that Maggie holds, it’s considered “untraditional” for a woman to use her ‘maiden’ name (Gallagher).  It is also very un-Biblical for a self-professed Christian woman, like Maggie Gallagher Srivastav, to dishonor her husband by refusing to use his name.

As Jesus Christ is the head of the Church, so the husband is the head of the wife, and both are to submit to Christ, which Maggie Gallagher Srivastav is clearly not doing.

The law should reflect Biblical Principles™ controlling the personal relationships of every citizen — that’s what these fuckwits want — so it should be the law that the woman must take and use her husband’s surname to further preserve the sanctity of Traditional Marriage — Maggie Gallagher Srivastav should not get to redefine traditional marriage.


Secondly, heterosexuals already define their marriages to mean many different relationships, in fact, “whatever relationship they choose”.  If Maggie thinks that all heterosexual marriages are the same, then she has her head stuck up her bigoted bovine ass.

Back to Iowa.  The story says what I and so many millions of other partnerd or married gay couples already know (emphasis added):

Although social conservatives in the 2010 election campaign depict gay marriage as a threat to married life as we know it, Iowa’s 18-month experience with the newly legalized institution has revealed striking similarities to traditional marriage and no discernible harm to it, according to an IowaWatch study.

Moreover, marriage statistics show that female couples made up nearly two-thirds of the same-sex marriages in Iowa in the year after the state Supreme Court ruled it legal in April 2009.

Although experts say a single year does not constitute a trend, they say the disparity is consistent with the traditional way Americans raise children and establish their gender roles early in life. The disparity also reflects similar trends in other states where same-sex marriages are allowed.

Thousands of same sex couples married during that period, and despite the controversy that has swirled around them, their marriages have endured.


In sharp contrast, married gays often depict a lifestyle and relationship that seems suburban stable, only now they have a marriage license like other couples.

Not much has changed,” said Ledon Sweeney of Iowa City, who married his partner of 12 years. “We live pretty boring lives. We go to work; we mow our lawn, we pay our mortgage, and we go on vacation if we can save enough money.”


The angst over marriage in Iowa comes after year in which the state of marriage has made a turn toward statistical bliss: More people got married and fewer split up.

Divorces declined to 7,286, the lowest per capita level since 1968, according to 2009 provisional and historical data from the Iowa Department of Public Health.

The health department’s statistics also suggest gay marriage is not a trend on the fringe. Of the 19,204 couples who bought licenses to marry during the year ending March 31, one out of 10 were gay. In Pottawattamie and Johnson counties, the ratio was one out four. The marriages occurred in 21 of Iowa’s 99 counties.

Marriage equality takes away ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from heterosexual marriages and there is absolutely ZERO PROOF to the contrary.  Marriage equality ADDS STABILITY to society.  People like goddamned Maggie Gallagher Srivastav are the height of Christianist hypocrisy, spending millions and millions of dollars to demonize good people and harm families.

In fact, one of Maggie Gallagher Srivastav’s huge cash donors is the Knights of Columbus, who spend more money on anti-marriage equality than it does on it’s mission of helping poor families with food.  They’re proud of putting bigotry before charity, too!

How many kids went hungry so Christianist scum like Maggie can stuff her face amd her bank account while skirting state and federal laws requiring disclosure of monetary contributions?  (Just like the church deacon who stole thousands of dollars from my elderly mother and sexually abused her, while his disabled WIFE was bed-ridden at home.)

God damn these shameful filthy Christian scammers, all of ’em!


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