Atlanta Anti-Gay Preacher Accused Of Coercing Sex From Boys

Pastor Bishop Eddie Long

Alleged pastoral predator

Atlanta mega-church pastor and televangelist “Bishop” Eddie Long, another anti-gay Christian hypocrite, is being accused by two men, now 20 and 21, of offering cash, cars and trips in exchange for sex.  They claim he started ‘grooming’ them when they were just 14-15 years old.  This fucking hypocrite has preached against the “sin” of homosex, and has crusaded on the national stage against same-sex marriage.

It’s almost as sure as the sun rises in the morning — the louder the religious bigot, the greater the chance that he/she is hiding the very thing they’re railing about.  And the sheeple lap it up and fill the collection plates.  From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

A few minutes before evening Bible study on Tuesday night, several members said they were shocked by the allegations.

Samuel M., 40, of Atlanta called Long “a good man – a man of God. He wants to help everybody… That man loves his wife. When you believe in your pastor, you believe in your pastor.”

Of course you idiots are shocked.  Did ya think the good pastor was putting his sex trips in the church bulletin?  You fucking idiot Christians will believe anything that comes from someone waving a Bible around.  One clue for you idiots: None of these frauds are “men of god” — wake. the. fuck. up.

It’s not OK for two adult men in their 50s to marry each other, according to Long, but it is OK, according to Long, to have a marriage ceremony-like ritual to bond church boy-toys to the preacher.  From CNN:

Flagg’s suit says that Long presided over a spiritual “covenant” ceremony between the two of them.

“It was essentially a marriage ceremony, with candles, exchange of jewelry, and biblical quotes,” Bernstein said Tuesday. “The bishop [told] him I will always have your back and you will always have mine.”

Robinson’s suit alleges that “Defendant Long would use Holy Scripture to discuss and justify the intimate relationship between himself and Plaintiff Robinson.”

From Pam’s House Blend:

The whispers around Long has been there for years; the level of homophobia he expressed was way too telling and look at what we see above — he can commit sodomy on those young men and describe it in such disgusting terms and conflating it with religious leadership to assert the power differential with his victims. Those are the kind of acts of a true predator.

From PHB, an excerpt from a CNN transcript of a Rick Sanchez segment:

B.J. BERNSTEIN, ATTORNEY REPRESENTING PLAINTIFFS: There, the pastor started to do what adult pedophiles do with younger, younger people, which is starting to spend time with them, casually watch TV with them and lay his legs on him, and then asked him to massage him. And then start explaining to him how special he was to him. And it was special for the bishop to be able to spend time with them. They did devotional readings together. He was over there on a regular basis at this house.

Eventually, it turned into such a relationship that the bishop had a ceremony with Anthony Flag called a covenant. Within that covenant, it was essentially a marriage ceremony where there were candles, exchange of jewelry and biblical quotes given, in order for Anthony to know and for the bishop to tell him, I will always have your back and you will always have mine. He would use biblical stories to talk about how important it was to follow your leader and your master and let him know that the acts he was engaged in were not necessarily meaning that he was a homosexual or that either of them was. But rather, the pastor, Bishop Long, was releasing his passion and his love for Anthony.

No, the victims are not necessarily; they were coerced by a much older, powerful authority figure mind-fucking them with the “supernatural”  bullshit.  The victims claim that whenever one of them would start to get sweet on a girl in the congregation, the Pastor/Predator would step in and break it up.  Sick motherfucker.  [yeh, “allegedly”]

UPDATE from Joe.My.God.:

Ted Haggard offers some probably unwanted and embarrassing support to the Reverend Pastor-Bishop Eddie Long.

The Pastor-Bishop Long in his “guys with iPhones” poses.

”]the Revernd Pastor-Bishop Eddie Long


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