Baptist Church Shames Girl For Being Raped By Church Member

Religion is used to justify, excuse and condone any goddamned thing — anything.  Religious doctrine is the polar opposite of everything that is good and right and moral.

This woman waited 13 years to come forward with this.  How many others have been victimized by this sick and vile church in the meantime?  At age 13, she was molested and beaten by a church member, didn’t report it (out of fear of the church).  Later, he was convicted on another molestation.  With that, she got brave enough to tell them that she had also been a victim of that man — they told her to keep her mouth shut and made her go visit the prison and “offer her forgiveness” to her molester, or else God would not forgive her.

Then, at age 15, another church member raped her and impregnated her.  The church made her stand in front of the congregation and beg for their forgiveness, and told her not to go to the police, because it would be “sinful” to accuse a Man of God, or something.  The Church moved her out of state to cover it up.

Now, at age 28, she has come forward and the Christian child rapist, now 51, has been arrested.

“They told me that to be a good Christian, I need to forgive, forget and move on in my life,” she said. “And they told me that a good Christian doesn’t press charges on another good Christian.”

The whole story is sickening.


via The Friendly Atheist


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