Ugandan Tabloid Headline: Hang Them!

Gay Ugandans are living in fear.

Uganda's Rollin Stone: HANG THEM

Inside page: HANG THEM

Scott Lively’s “nuclear bomb” on Uganda has exceeded all his hopes and dreams.  Anti-gay witch-hunts and violence have sky-rocketed since the conferences he attended in Kampala, new anti-gay legislation that includes the death penalty is pending in parliament, and tabloid papers are now calling for gays to be hanged, including alleged names and photos.  Scott Lively and the rest of his fellow christianists should be very proud of this outcome.

Ugandan tabloid Rolling Stone, "Hang them!"

Ugandan tabloid Rolling Stone

Scott Lively has even bragged about his work there and stated that the anti-gay bill is a “step in the right direction.”  Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Nevada also supports the bill and is a financial supporter of the diabolical pastor Martin Ssempa. [UPDATE: this church as recently said that they’ve dropped their support of Ssempa.]

“That sensationalist packaging and messaging is part of the religious right’s rhetoric in the United States, too, and especially for Lively’s conspiracy-minded assertions of a link between Nazism and homosexuality. Uganda merely provided Lively a more friendly stage; as he said in Kampala, “I can’t say this in America, but I can say it in Africa.” But as evidenced by Fischer’s frequent echoing of Lively’s writings, and the refusal of leading religious right and Republican figures to distance themselves from Fischer, in some domestic circles he certainly can say those things. In Uganda it translated into the AHB, which Lively has called a “step in the right direction.”

And, it is the direction that christianists like Scott Lively, Bryan Fischer, Lou Engle (to name just a few) would love to see in the United States.

Added: Another link on this from Religion Dispatches: “The US Religious Right and the LGBT Crisis In Uganda



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2 responses to “Ugandan Tabloid Headline: Hang Them!

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  2. Wondering when Canyon Ridge in Vegas denounced Ssempa. I wrote about them recently, part of a huge megachurch conglomerate here in Vegas.

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