Christianist Leaders Mandate Bullying Gay Kids, Who Deserve Death, Anyway

Yes, they say that in so many words.  They state that it is their Christian Duty™ as Authentic Christians®.  (the really Authentic Christians® like Clint McCance, for instance!)  In fact, they even have a Duty to exercise God’s Perfect Hatredtowards gays.  Gay kids deserve all the bullying they get.  Gay kids deserve suicide. And if the bullying and physical assaults don’t work, they deserve long lives of torment, disease and loneliness or incarceration and forced conversion therapy because they’re like alcoholics and murderers!

All together, now: “See? — no way are kids killing themselves because of anything we say!” – says the Religious Reich.

First, I gotta say that I cannot contain my anger about this subject enough to avoid using foul language in this post.  (well, duh! but, I may edit out the cursing later, maybe not)  As it is, I get very angry about a hell of a lot of …  most OK, everyfuckingthing that these mentally ill religious extremists come up with, but the stuff coming out of them lately concerning kids and bullying and suicide is way over the fucking top.

See, I got my anti-gay bullying from, specifically, two adult teachers — I have touched on that in another post on bullying.  I didn’t get it from other kids, really.  I was well-liked enough by other kids as well as teachers.  And I was never sexually abused; I didn’t even have sex until I was eighteen!  So today, when I hear adults mocking and attacking these children who are victims of their relentless religious bullshit, I want to punch them, I want to knock some fucking teeth out of a few of those simpering pussies who call themselves Men of God™.  They make me want to fucking puke.

Regardless how much they preach about their “christian love” or about how much they are “protecting” the children, they DO NOT care about children or families or anything but preaching fear and lies and condemnation to reap profits.  And, child abuse?  The Church (all religions, but Christians are the subject of this post) … the Church is the fucking hands-down winner on perpetrating, permitting and perpetuating child abuse.

Well, some of the most hating-est, self-appointed christian leaders in this country have gotten together with a written joint proclamation (I will list some of it below with my annotations) to spell out their Moral Christian™ obligation to make sure that they and their little indoctrinated offspring get to harass, beat and incite violence onto possibly queer kids (some of whom are their own kids) — queer kids who need to be made aware that they are subhuman garbage whom God created and despises and will torture and burn  forever in the Hell that He created just for those disgusting little queers.  Praise Jesus!  Praise His Name!

Yes, Fundies, put the blame on the victim; that’s what you’re good at, that’s how you wash yourselves of accountability.  Just like you do with rape victims — they asked for it — just like the Catholic Church (or maybe it was Bill Donnohue) made a statement blaming the children for causing godly priests to sin (“some of them want it“).

(pardon the following in ALL CAPS, yes I know it’s not polite, and I am certainly a polite motherfucker!)  This is useless, but:


This religious condemnation damages ALL vulnerable kids, not just the ones who are seen as “different” — the only way that religion can propagate and survive, is to tell people, starting when they are young, that they are innately evil and Hell-bound, and keep them afraid for a lifetime.  They must sell the fear of eternal damnation or they have nothing.  This condemnation is what sends vulnerable people, vulnerable because they believe the bullshit, on the road to self-destructive behavior, just like what Fundies accuse these kids of anyway.

Now, take kids who are “different” — yes, Fundies, kids “turn out queer” during the same age span as the kids who “turn out heterosexual” — you must accept the reality that some kids are going to turn out different than the perfect little molded model you think we’re all supposed to be — that is reality, in the real world that your god supposedly made — but I know, and everyone else knows, that Fundamentalists are NEVER GOING TO GET REALITY or FACTS into their thick fucking skulls.

Anyway, take kids who are “different”: the damage caused by religious condemnation runs to the very core of their humanity.  The Fundamentalist will never understand this because they are totally blinded by it — mind-numbingly, willfully ignorant and unquestioningly obedient (to their personal interpretation), terrified of losing their salvation if they have one shred of human empathy — so terrified of the Hell that they hang over these children, yet they brutalize them with words and deeds, and even laugh at and celebrate the anguish they cause (see Clint McCance).

Tony Perkins says that gay kids are abnormal and they know this and so that is why they kill themselves.  I really want to punch this motherfucker’s lights out.

No, Tony.  They “know this” because you people tell them they are, and since they’re kids, they believe it.

Again, Fundies: Stop telling kids that they are abnormal — they are normal — it is perfectly normal for there to be variations in everything; there are for some people to turn out different — Why can you not see this reality?  Your religion is a lie.  Stop telling them they will be nothing.  Stop telling these kids they have to be depressed, that they have to turn to drugs to make themselves feel better.  There is nothing the fuck wrong with people “turning out” to be gay, or whatever.

Another link Right Wing Watch: “Real Christians” say Bullying is bad, but being gay is worse. ..

Here’s Life & Liberty Ministries.  Really nice people, they are.  Yes, all gay people rape and murder children.  It’s not the Church doing any of that, Naaah!



Of course, it's by the Family Research Institute

Please save the children from the Church!


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