AC360: Clint McCance Faces Parents Of Suicide Victims

Anderson Cooper interviews vile (but apologetic) homophobe Clint McCance (now, formerly) of a school board in Arkansas.  He has apologized, and seems sincere enough, as though he’s had a glimpse of empathy for the pain his words have brought to parents who have lost kids to suicide, and he is resigning from the school board.

But he kept saying how he used the wrong words.  There are no right words or right way to mock the agonizing pain and anguish of children; there is no right way to mock the suicides of children tormented every day of their short lives by the vile religious hatred that is pounded into them.

McCance made it very clear in his anti-gay screed on Facebook what a Holy Righteous Christian™ he is, so I’m quite sure that he thinks that there are “right words” and a right way to tell kids that they are abominable, subhuman scum.  He made it very clear in that screed that his children would be banished if they every dare to step outside of the christian indoctrination he instilled in them.

This man’s attitude that is so pervasive in Authentic Christians™, is it any wonder that many kids are very, very afraid to talk to the adults in their lives if they need to?  Is it any wonder that a kid in that kind of home would just rather end it?

The next two videos of the AC360 segment are after the fold:




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