Salvation Alert: God Will Hold You Accountable For How You Vote

Jeebus and U.S. flag

"For whosoever voteth Republican shall be saved." - Romans 10:13

Saying the magic words to Jeebus won’t save you, like it says in the Holy Babble — David Barton says god will hold you accountable for how you vote.  From Right Wing Watch (go there to watch videos):

David Barton has released a nearly nine minute video explaining to Christians that God will only bless this nation if we are righteous and that our national righteousness is determined by our public policies.  As such, if we want God to bless our nation, we have to give him a reason to do so and that is why Christians must vote.

But not only do Christians have an obligation to vote, Barton says, but they will one day have to answer to God for exactly how they used that vote:

We’re to seek righteousness first, and dozens of Bible passages affirm that a nation’s righteousness is determined by its public policies, by how well those policies conform to God’s standards. We love to sing “God Bless America,” but if we really want God to bless America, we’ve got to give him something to work with.

For Christians, voting is not a right, it’s a duty. It’s a stewardship that we owe to God and it’s a stewardship for which we’ll answer directly to him. One day we’ll stand before him and he’ll say “what did you do with that vote I gave you?” And we’ll have to answer.

Righteousness must be the issue. It must be the measure to define what we’re for politically and what we’re against. And each of us will answer to God not only for whether we voted, but for how we voted, for what issues drove our vote.

If we stand before God and He says “why did you vote for a leader who’s attempting to redefine my institution of marriage and who wills the unborn children that I knew before they were in the womb?” If He asks us that and our answer is “Because that leader was good on jobs and the economy,” He’s not going to accept that.


These people are anything but “righteous”.  They want freedom of christian religion, not freedom of religion, nor do they want anyone to have freedom from religion.  They want to inject christian religion into every aspect of government and citizens’ personal lives and they make no bones about it.  Our right to vote comes from humans, not from a god.

Christianist extremists consistently distort American history, and European history, to paint the founders of this country as devout christians wanting a state sponsored christian governance, but that is the farthest fucking thing from the truth.  It is well documented that the founders of this country were mostly Deists and many were anti-theists and atheists.  There is a great deal of historical documentation to support these facts.

Only a secular government can guarantee the freedoms that these christianists think they don’t have.  American history is rich with examples of what happens when one religion is in control (and there can only be one in control).  The Colonial Puritanical ‘regime’ is one perfect example.  Christians have been killing other christians and non-christians in this country since people first landed here around the 15th century.  And don’t even mention the centuries-long christian bloodbaths that have scourged Europe’s history.


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