Equality California Finds Noose Hung On Door


image from EQCA Facebook page

This is what it’s all about.  No matter how it’s packaged and marketed, no matter how loudly they preach about their “christian love”, what this is all about is raw hatred.  Their “culture war” is waged on adults, but the casualties are kids who have to grow up and live in this world.

Kids see and hear this hatred being spewed by religious leaders and preachers who then pass it on to teachers and parents.  Kids take this hatred to heart.  Bullies take these lessons on hatred and act them out.

The toxic leaders of the Religious Reich refuse to accept responsibility for the messages they preach that snuff out children’s hopes for life and a future; these vile Men and Women of God™ even blame the children for the treatment they receive.  Their message: gay kids deserve bullying, torment, death and hellfire.


NOM supporter's sign

Maggie cannot figure out what her organization is doing that would cause anyone harm.

Well, Equality California found this noose on their door a couple days ago, called in to report it and the officer told them “Sometimes you just have to live with being a victim”

Then the officer told them his car was broken into once, because, you know, getting your car stereo stolen is just like someone coming to your door and suggesting you should kill yourself.

The sign pictured is one that a NOM supporter displayed at one of their Indiana stops on their Hate Bus Tour.

via JMG


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