Ugandan Tabloids Resume Outings And Calls To “Hang Them”

The Ugandan tabloid Rolling Stone (not in any way affiliated with the U.S. Rolling Stone magazine), run by Giles Muhame cashing in on the anti-gay hysteria, last week published names and photos of alleged gay Ugandan citizens with the headline “Hang Them!”

Afterwards, they were shut down by the government, but only temporarily, something having to do with their business license.  Now they are back in operation, and along with the competing Red Pepper and another tabloid, are running more photos and names of citizens, making them targets for violence.

Muhame falsely claims (CNN video at link) that nobody is being attacked because of this evil and inhumane propaganda and says he will keep doing it. Some of the citizens who were named in the first issue and human rights advocates, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) are filing legal action.

[UPDATE] – Good news!  Uganda’s high court has ordered the Rolling Stone tabloid to cease publishing these names and photos on grounds of violation of privacy.

The fires of anti-gay hysteria in Uganda were flamed by U.S. pastor/sociopath Scott Lively and other christianist sociopaths.  Lively is very proud of what they have accomplished in Uganda with their dark, twisted version of “christianity”.


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