Suzanne Hinn: You Need A Holy Ghost Enema



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2 responses to “Suzanne Hinn: You Need A Holy Ghost Enema

  1. anonymous

    To me atheists who life their convictions and understand there are many belief systems and accept it – who know it is wrong to aggressively attack others for their beliefs, and who live their life peacefully among others are mentally balanced.

    Atheists who pour enormous amounts of energy into criticizing and denouncing something they believe is invalid, and who would strip others of the same rights to self actualization they enjoy is not consistent with the philosophy of a true realist. A true realist accepts and lives in reality.

    So, if you are not being a true realist, then your criticisms toward religion are null. Because, by your own definition, anyone who does not live in reality is delusional.

  2. anonymous

    If it makes you feel any better, this video is of a person who has some mental health issues. No doubt about it. You did make that observation and there is nothing wrong with it. However, to denounce all Christians based on the behavior of a few people who are obviously off the scale is not realistic. Nor is it fair to the all the other people out there you know nothing about. Nor more than it would be fair for me to criticize atheists who act out their mental issues. Mental illness goes across all demographics. It is not exclusive to any one group. And I do not believe religion is a mental illness. That’s a misnomer and a meme that has no basis in reality.

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