Florida Mayor Wants To Install Ten Commandments


Mayor of Cape Coral, Florida

The mayor of Cape Coral, Florida wants to install a Ten Commandments display in the city council chambers, “for starters”, he says.  The lashings and stonings will commence next month.

“I don’t want to do this in a haphazard way or open up a can of worms, but I think it is a good idea,” the mayor said. “I don’t see this as separation of church and state. Our laws were built on the Ten Commandments.

Stop it, just stop it.  Our laws are NOT built on the fucking Ten Commandments.  Please show me one fucking law in this country that mandates putting to death unruly children or people who work on Sundays or people who worship gods of religions other than Christianity.  Seven of the Ten C’s directly violate the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  So just fucking stop it with the bearing of false witness, will ya?

“Our Founding Fathers, everyone of them, had religious affiliations. It’s getting back to our core values.”

No!  That is a false statement.  Not every one of the founders had a religious affiliation, many of them strongly against religion and Christianity in particular.  This country’s “core values” included Biblical justification for owning other humans as slaves, for just one glaring example.

The idea was first proposed to Sullivan by Cape Coral resident Dick Kalfus, who believes if God’s laws can be up in the U.S. Supreme Court then they can hang from a wall at City Hall.

Well, dammit, if hanging them up in the Supreme Court hasn’t stopped the “moral decline” of the country, I really doubt it’s going to have much effect hanging them up in Florida or Alabama or anyfuckingwhere else.  And, they are NOT “God’s laws”, they are laws written by Stone Age tribe leaders who thought the Earth was flat and at the center of the universe.

“This isn’t about religion, it’s not political,” he said. This is a moral issue, creating a strong moral foundation for the City of Cape Coral. It will help revitalize the entire economy.”

Bible crap isn’t religious?  Politicians inserting religion into politics isn’t political?  Really?

Is it magic?  Rainbows and unicorns and fluffy puppies!  The economy will magically revitalize by putting a magic stone in the city council chamber.  Brilliant!  I’m sure all of people in Cape Coral, Florida who are jobless and homeless are now breathing huge sighs of relief with this news.

“It’s good versus evil,” Kalfus said. “People who are good will not hang their hat on this being a political or religious case. They will want to side with morality.”

Wrong, it is not “good versus evil”.  Good people don’t have to be religious, and religious people aren’t necessarily good.  It’s divisive bullshit and pompous posturing versus having to actually do something good for the city.

We shouldn’t scrap the idea of the Ten Commandments.

Yes, we should.  It’s time.  And, while we’re at it scrap the Bible, the Quran, the Book of Mormon, and the Torah.  And scrap the myth of Creationism and stop teaching it as science fact.



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3 responses to “Florida Mayor Wants To Install Ten Commandments

  1. Dick Kalfus

    The 10 Commandments hanging at City Hall will serve to do wonders for Cape Coral…and especially the much needed revitalization. This is neither a political or Religous issue. This is a moral issue and
    Cape Coral has an opportunity to become the moral capitol of America.

    • Tom

      *cough* oKaayyy then. It’s pretty obvious you didn’t read one word of my post — you merely repeated exactly what the original article states.

      So … you believe a magic stone will make your town the “moral capital”? — a monument inscribed with laws that require death as a punishment for unruly children, death for non-christians, death for people who work on Sunday (or Saturday, depending on which christian cult it is!) — that is what’s going to make your town moral??

      So, you’re saying, there’s no real plan to deal with actual problems the town might have? No plan on improving schools, infrastructure, creating jobs, and other real issues, just vapid, fake-morality posturing.

    • Tom

      As usual, christians can’t (won’t) answer for the sheer lunacy of religion, just mindless repetition of what they’re told to believe.

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