High School Students Wear Shirts Calling For Death To Gays

On a day for raising awareness of bullying at a high school in the Chicago area, three students wore t-shirts reading “Straight Pride” on the front.

Cool.  I am up with Straight Pride.  I am all for it.  Go, straight people!  But the front of the shirts wasn’t the problem.

The back of the shirts had gentle christianists’ favorite loving Bible verse calling for gay people to be put to death, with “death” in capital letters, btw.

Not. cool.

The comments by “christians” after the news stories are predictably appalling.  Of course, now these poor, oppressed christian students are having their faith under attack for not being able to freely threaten people with death!

What the fuck do you think would happen to a non-christian kid if he were to wear a t-shirt with the slogan “Too Many Christians, Not Enough Lions”?  What would have happened if a white-supremacist’s kid wore a shirt calling for Jews or African Americans to be put to death?  They would have been expelled immediately with no question.

Christians, it’s time to dump those verses — you cherry-pick every damn thing else — dump the death threats.  It would only be Nth-hundredth time that the Bible has been changed over it’s history.  Learn about this disgusting book that you praise, and maybe actually read the goddamned thing once in a while.  If you are a christian, and you think that it is acceptable to the rest of civilized society for your Stone Age death threats, you need your fucking head examined.

via Twitter, stcharles-il-patch .. Daily Herald ..


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