More Christian-Based Child Abuse

Children lived in squalor with no utilities, no medical care, no education. (Photo grab from York Dispatch)

Parents kept their five children, ages 2 to 13, hidden away from the world in a condemned house because of “religious reasons”.  Rampant religious abuse and neglect of children is a damn good reason to start taxing and regulating “churches”.  It is time to hold religion accountable for it’s human rights abuses.  It’s time to expose religion for the mental illness that it is.


They have no birth certificates, were never enrolled in school, never received medical care or vaccinations and had no documentation to prove they existed, police said; no records of home-schooling exist either.

‘Squalor’: For years, they lived in squalor at 734 S. Duke St. with no heat, no electric service, no water, no functioning toilet and a leaky roof, documents state.

But the Johnson family, aware of social workers’ attempts

to find the children, fled that building in July 2009, officials said. Owned by Johnson’s sister, the building was condemned in July 2009 by York City, according to Ward.

Ward and Children and Youth caseworker Jenna Triscari found the children hiding in the bathroom of an East York motel, police said, and Bowers


Religion = mental illness.  Religion = poison.


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