Cenk Uygur: “Wake Up And Smell The Hate”

Cenk Uygur to gays: "Wake up and smell the hate"

Click over to The New Civil Rights Movement for a clip of MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur asking gay people who voted Republican, “What part of this don’t you understand? They’re just not that into you!” and “Wake up and smell the hate”

He hits the points pretty well — yes, the Democrats suck, and yes, it’s true that not all Republicans are against gay folk [but most are] and not all Democrats are for us [but most are].  But the Republican Party (Repulicorp) as a whole is steadily working against equality for gay people (and they kiss and bow to the Religious Reich, who want us either imprisoned, experimented on, exiled, or preferably, dead.)

I only had a problem with Cenk using the term “lifestyle”.  Gay folk do not all think the same, act the same, or live the same — just like heterosexual people.  Sexual orientation is not a “lifestyle”.



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2 responses to “Cenk Uygur: “Wake Up And Smell The Hate”

  1. First time I’ve come across your blog. I like it. We seem to be simpatico, politically speaking.

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