I Had A Prophetic Dream About Lou Engle

In this dream, Lou Engle was wailing his arms about, rasping out his demented bile to the mesmerized flocks swaying to the rhythm of his voice, when out of nowhere, came came two she-bears (mama grizzlies, I think they were) and ripped him apart, blood spraying over the writhing worshippers.  This dream that I really, really had (I mean, why would anyone just make up stories like that?) is a “seed-thought from the Heavenly realm” (really, it is) and it’s a stern warning directly from God, according to the self-claimed “prophet” Lou himself, who declares that dreams are the Word of God.  No longer is the Bible the only word of God, you see, now it’s Lou’s “dreams, thoughts, intentions, and directions”.  And people just lap it up.

From Right Wing Watch: Engle: Dreams Are The Word Of God

Engle spoke for an hour and a half straight on the dangers of ignoring or trivializing the messages that God speaks through dreams, warning that prophets cannot be concerned with appearing “fanatical” or “out of our minds,” declaring that everything he has done in twenty-five years of ministry has been “founded on the word of God” that has been “delivered through the prophetic ministry of divine ideas, thoughts, intentions, and directions, and by the grace of God, we have picked up most of those seed-thoughts that have come from the Heavenly mind-realm … and I have found that those dreams were not just tickling fancies, they were the word of God and they have created movements that shake nations”

It is dangerous, Lou warns his followers, to ignore or trivialize these for-real-he-swears prophetic dreams — so just drop your money in one them there “collection stations” located throughout the crowd for your convenience.  It’s sad that people, lots and lots of people, fall for demented shysters like this.

Lou Engle has called for the christian youth of America to rise up and resort to force if they have to, to be as radical as islamic extremists.  This call has been made by other well-known Dominionist leaders.  It  seems to be working.


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