Catholic Diocese Quick To Oust Thieving Priest

The world-wide pedophile ring known as the Catholic Church swiftly dropped the hammer on a priest in Pennsylvania discovered to be helping himself to the church’s money, turning him over to the police.


In other news… Groups representing victims of clergy sex abuse in the United States are still waiting for Pope Benedict XVI to remove Cardinal Bernard Law from the Congregation of Bishops and as head of St. Mary Major Basilica in Rome, for his complicity in the child sex abuse scandal in the Boston Arch-diocese.

Law has been hiding in Rome, out of reach from the “civil authorities” in Massachusetts since 2002.

The thieving priest should have kept his hands in Church-approved places, like kids’ pants, or on his keyboard downloading child porn.  He would probably still have a job, or at least, some sympathy, like this PA priest busted for child porn:


Father Timchak walked into court on Wednesday a free man. Hours later, he left in handcuffs, being escorted by deputies to state prison.

“Disappointed he got anytime, any prison time,” said [MW], a parishioner.

“He was really terrific with kids, it was a shock, no doubt,” said [BH], a parishioner.

What in the fuck is wrong with these people?


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