Hogwarts School For Christians

Hogwarts School for Christians

Becky Fischer, the dangerously crazy lady of Jesus Camp, who probably does talk to snakes, and who preaches that children must be on fire for Jesus lest they perish in the Fire, to literally lay down their lives like Islamic extremists, now has the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry.

I just don’t know how to express how wrong this is.  On the home page, nested above the ‘Christmas-shopping-discounts-ad’ button (some items up to 50% off!) and the ‘Donate-money-to-help-us-indoctrinate-children’ button is Fischer’s introduction video explaining that “Children are hungry for the supernatural” and “we have an obligation, if you will, to take them [children] to the next level” of their “God-given spiritual destiny that they were born for” in the power and presence of God (there’s levels?) — and you can get the whole series, 45 hours of it, (she holds up a couple of DVD box sets) for the low-low price of — well, go visit their web store — Prai$e Je$u$!

Ya know, children are hungry for anything that trusted adults will feed them and therefore, we have an obligation to teach them about facts and reality, not fantasy. Indoctrinating children to believe in magic and supernatural bullshit is grossly irresponsible, sick, and so dangerous on so many levels.

Christianity: Just as fictional as Hogwarts

From Fischer’s Facebook page, Kids in Ministry, info tab:

Kids in Ministry International (KIMI) is a unique,apostolic, prophetic ministry focused on equipping and training a generation of boys and girls to walk in the supernatural power of God through three core values:

1. Teaching children the meat of God’s word ins tead [sic] of focusing on Bible stories

2. Hands on equipping to hear God’s voice, heal the sick, minister prophetically, cast out devils and raise the dead

3. Creating regular opportunites [sic] for children to encounter the presence of God in their children’s services.

KIMI has bases in the USA, Mexico, Holland, India, Kenya, and Australia with an outstanding, and committed team of international children’s ministers. Through the dedication of one of KIMI’s key leaders, Pamela Ayres, they have established over 80 children’s ministries called PowerClubs in which children are taught to walk in the supernatural power of God.

”]Child indoctrination

Great!  Yeh, we need to train kids’ malleable minds to believe in magic spells and hear voices in their heads — we must teach them to believe in provably false, utter bullshit like faith-healing, talking to spirits and raising people from the fucking dead.

Not!  It is criminal insanity protected under the banner of “religious freedom”.

This is the kind of bullshit that leads to adults who let their children die from easily treated medical conditions.  It leads to the murder of children suspected of being “witches”.  It leads to kids physically beating, bashing and killing other kids.

It trains kids and adults into the normalization of sociopathic behavior.

In this Age of Knowledge and Reason, we have an obligation to teach children that Religion and the “supernatural”,  are provably false — no matter if it’s Christianity, Islam, Wicca, Tarot card reading, guardian angels or Ghost Hunters on Discovery Channel — magical thinking is dangerous and damages lives.  We have an obligation to teach Science in schools, not Creationism, to teach ethics and human rights and critical thinking, and to fight against the sick religious indoctrination of kids that is on the rise.



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  1. kanchan sharma

    this school is the best school of magic and supernatural powers

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