Pamela Grothaus Gets Naked


Grothaus - (actual photo would cause "gagging")

[Update at the end (the little darlin’ has been canned)]

[Note: In case it’s not obvious, my first paragraph here is mocking Grothaus’ style of dramatic ‘I’m-trying-to-gross-you-out’ visuals and her use of ‘gag’]


Naples, Florida news blogger Pamela Grothaus brazenly strips it all off, bare naked, and then grinds it in her readers’ faces — her ugly, bile-spewing pie-hole, letting her piss-stained robe of pretentiousness fall around her ankles, naked ignorance and hatred that makes people want to “leave the room and gag”.  From JoeMyGod (it appears that the quote below is no longer on the link to the Naples news site below — I wanted to gag, but I clicked over anyway — it may have been removed due to complaints to the paper):

“Folks, it looks like political correctness has scored another victory at the expense of morality and religious freedom. In-your-face homosexuality will soon be given the green light in our armed forces. What’s next? A pedophile platoon? A bestiality battalion? A man-boy-love marching band? Let’s bring ‘em all out of their dark little closets and onto the battlefield—with special benefits and treatment to help them feel good about themselves, of course!


“So hold on tight, as America slides even further into the abyss of political correctness, while homosexual soldiers worldwide prepare for a colossal coming out party at taxpayer’s expense. Oh, yeah, there’ll be federal dollars wasted on this nonsense—can’t wait to see the price tag on that. and all of this hoopla so that soldiers who like to have sex with those of their same gender can display pictures of and coo over their same-sex lovers’ photos, as if that makes them “normal” to the rest of us. (Nah, we’ll just wait until you leave the room and gag.) – Naples Daily News blogger Pamela Grothaus.

First off, the level of utter stupidity and total delusional ignorance is just unimaginable and doesn’t have to be explained to normal people.  How is it possible to be so goddamned fucking stupid?  She underscores the basic problem with people like her who are irrationally opposed to equality for every citizen.

People like Pamela freak out over the phrase “openly gay” — their warped, fetid minds go directly to sex, and not just sex, but weird, fucked-up shit that I can’t even come up with.  It’s apparent they think ‘openly gay’ means ‘have sex in public’.  (‘Openly gay’ means to not have to lie when people ask you personal questions like “do you have a wife?” – more below in the paragraph about ENDA)  Come on, what in the fuck is wrong with these people?  Goddammit!

And, gay men and women serve this country alongside their straight fellow soldiers, as they have always, to give these hate-filled, ignorant people the right to spit upon the whole military, the right to spew the most unhinged-from-reality attacks against the accomplishments and character of the very people putting their lives on the line.

People like Pamela, Bryan Fischer (who, I believe, has never served in the military), Tony Perkins, etcetera, are the ones fucking damaging our military efforts and the safety of our troops.  Just ask soldiers who are suddenly stuck without an Urdu translator in the middle of a war zone, discharged after years of flawless service, all because someone found out he or she has a partner of 20 years back ing the States — maybe because they held their wallet open once, forgetting that a portrait photo was showing, and someone caught a glimpse — then their career is over.

Gay service members are focused, just like every other conscientious worker in the military and in the private sector, on doing their jobs and doing them well.  Having known many gay men and women who have served, my husband included, none of them, nor anyone presently serving, are wanting to wear dresses and fuck Shetland ponies on a tank while twirling a pink feather boa and humming show tunes.  Doesn’t even cross their minds once!

These are the same ugly, vile and disgusting characterizations of gay people that come up with the issue of passing ENDA, the Employment Non-Descrimination Act.  Gay people, they have actually argued, will suddenly start molesting co-workers, while wearing dresses, of course.  They will bring goats to work over in their cubicles on lunch break and film it for distribution to children.  They’ll be making out on the counters, which they will have redone in rainbow stripes, while handing out condoms and kiddie porn to customers.

But that’s not exactly how it works.  Pamela also says that all homosexuals immediately tell her about their sexual orientation (which is just a flat out lie).  What happens at work, in the real world, is that one can work at a job for two years, never talk about one’s personal life, always business, always professional, ‘stellar’ work performance reviews … until finally, unable to quell their curiosity as to why one has never mentioned a woman, or any women, the straight co-workers, who are so “desperate to know”, start asking all the prying personal questions like “are you married?” or “do you have a girlfriend?”, and then one is forced to inform them “no, but I have a partner of 15 years”.  Then word goes to the self-proclaimed christian boss (who has been defrauding customers and flirting with an office girl) finds out that one is a “goddamn queer”, and then one loses one’s job without legal recourse and nearly loses one’s house because of it.  That ‘one’ was me.

And while Pamela claims that every homosexual has to put it in her face, the first line of her bio is about her husband — leaving the reader to “gag” with the thought that there’s someone gross enough who would stick his cock in that shriveled, stinking … I could go on, but, nah — I’m going to “gag”.  (See how easy it is to engage in Pamela’s childish humor?)  She takes for granted the freedom to make the very simple statement that she has a life partner, a statement that could cost the gay person his job and worse.

These professional bigots, and amateur ones like Pamela, wonder why we “goddamn queers” are so motherfucking angry; they wonder why we are simply demanding fair and equal treatment before the law in every realm of society — not special rights, babe, equal rights.  These people are free to hate, but they cannot legislate their hate.

Pamela says her desire is to become “Bigot of the Year”.  She relishes in her solicited angry reactions to her hateful lies.  If she is that desperate for attention, if that is what blows her skirt up, I say go for it, babe!  She can be a new rising star in the hate-for-pay industry — she just might get an offer.

Free speech is a beautiful thing, exposing the naked ignorance of bigotry and hatred.

Pamela, you can cover that thing up, now — you are hideous inside as well as outside.


Update: The silly woman wrote another delusional rant about gay Christians and that got her canned. Now she can play fake Christian martyr. [link about her firing to come / and text of her screed to come, if it’s still around]


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