Bill Pinhead O’Reilly Versus American Atheists’ Dave Silverman

Bill O’Reilly thinks that an invisible man in the sky controls the motion of the ocean tides and there’s no other way to explain it.  What a Pinhead!  Yes, the man who wrote a book called Pinheads and Patriots, the man who constantly talks over guests who hold opposing viewpoints and berates and insults them, says that it’s insulting for someone to say that religion is a scam and calls his guest, Dave Silverman, a ‘loon’.  O’Reilly has used his “tide goes in, tide goes out, sun comes up, sun goes down” argument on several occasions to “prove” god exists, as Steven Colbert shows in this clip.

Christians who are offended by this ‘scam’ message, are offended about only the christian part — they will readily inform you that all the other religions referenced on the billboard are scams, and don’t you dare question or criticize or mock their beliefs!  And so will Muslims do the same, and on and on.  They’re all full of shit, and they’re all scams.

You KNOW it's the fucking truth!



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3 responses to “Bill Pinhead O’Reilly Versus American Atheists’ Dave Silverman

  1. reblstevn

    No fan of neo con Bill but an atheist jew? That probably doesn’t set to well with g_d.

    Is it true jews slaughter gentile babies for the blood of their tasteless matzo balls? Got an idea for the race chosen by g_d. Try making matzo balls with a few more ingredients, just no gentile baby blood if y’all can restrain yourselves. I’m guessing a little sugar and vanilla, maybe some cinnamon and cloves.

    • Tom

      First, the obvious question: What in the fuck is wrong with you?
      Second, where in the fuck do you get the idea that I’m Jewish? Are you fucking stupid? ….oh, wait – you’re in Texas … that would explain it.

  2. Christfollower

    Unless someone builds a time machine that can travel back in time to the days the earth was created, there’s nothing that can convince me that Christianity is a scam. On a further note, evolutionists state that creationism is false, yet when I look at evolution, I see many things wrong with it. There are theories and evidence that either don’t make sense or just a complete hoax (like when an skull of a ape was altered to make it look like the missing link to humans). So how come people say that religion is a scam when evolution itself is filled with irrelevance. It just doesn’t make sense. Not trying to strike at people or anger them, I’m just saying that people should look at their own beliefs before they criticize others beliefs.

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