Russell Glasser: Be A Dick!

A commenter from a couple of days ago, presumably a christian, commenting on a post about Lou Engle from 3/2010 started out with “your [sic] a dick head.” When it comes to religious ignorance, stupidity and dickishness, yep.

Funny, cos I ran across this video just two or three days before, called “Be a dick!” with Russell Glasser and Casey Doran on “Ask an Atheist”.  When christians (the fundies, extremists, you know the kind) say stupid things and make ridiculous claims, like hearing voices, denying scientific facts, when they outright make shit up and spread lies, when they continue preaching their Levitical death pronouncements and the like, the only thing I have left is ridicule, sarcasm, derision, disrespect and dickishness.  I have zero respect for liars, especially those who make a living lying in the name of Jesus.





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