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Should Religious People Be Treated For Mental Illness And Cured?

“Should Christians (and all religious people) be treated for and cured of their mental illness? That is a much better question than the one Kyra Phillips of CNN posed on a segment “Homosexuality —is it a problem in need of a cure?” The segment came about from Bonnie Lowenthal (D) Long Beach, CA who authored AB2199 to repeal an archaic law from the 1950’s that is still on the books.  The law mandates state research into the “causes and cures of homosexuality” which is no longer an issue today (with intelligent people, that is).

MRI of religious brain

Back in the day, when persons were outed, they were ostracized from family and society and even put away in institutions to be experimented on with shock therapy, physical mutilation, chemical castration and other heinous abrogations of human rights.  But science, and the ability for gay people to live openly have put those days in the past and we now know that sexual orientation is a natural part of the human mind.  The American Psychiatric Association released a study (August 2009) concluding that attempts at “curing the gay” are unsuccessful and psychologically damaging.

Message to Kyra Phillips and CNN: “Go fuck yourselves!” Sorry if that offends her (she responded to the “vicious” emails she received) but why the fuck is this even up for a debate in 2010?  Why does it surprise her or anyone that people would react angrily to bullshit like this?

Again, what if the question had been “Should Christians be treated and cured of their mental illness?” There would be fire, brimstone and death threats raining down from loving Christians everywhere!

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Almost Half Of Americans Think Being Gay Is A Choice

Not surprisingly, the poll (of only 1,001 people, by polling institute Angus-Reid) pretty much matches the divide over gay marriage.  Yep, I know that it is difficult for some folks to understand, but being gay is NOT a choice.  The choice that I made was to stop lying to myself and others around me.  The choice I made was to accept what I could not change.  I put myself through my own private hell denying it, like we all do, but once I accepted it, my life got a whole hell of a lot better.  One day I’ll write about it. Continue reading

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