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Destroying Science In Schools

It is absolutely alarming that they are filling kids’ heads with this garbage in the 21st century.  These “faith-based schools”in the UK are using a very popular curriculum imported from the good ole U.S. of A.  These taxpayer-funded schools also include Muslim schools teaching their own brand of Medieval bullshit.

This is child abuse.  Read at Coburg Atheist:

… They think that you can teach children that the bible (or Qur’an) has all the answers – they even believe it themselves.  This means they are deliberately pushing the next generation backwards.  At this rate, if this was done in all schools, in a few decades we would be back in the Inquisition.

“Oh but that only happens in the backward U.S. South” you say.  Or maybe only in backward Muslim countries like Iran and Pakistan – that’s why they are under-developed.  While it is true that Science text books for children that teach creationism are produced in the U.S., they are moving to the U.K. into “Faith based schools”.  See the following video:



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Dawkins Interviews Wendy Wright On Evil-lution

Wendy Wright of CWA

A concerned Wendy Wright

Wendy Wright, of Concerned Women For America, is so incredibly arrogant, condescending and close-minded — exactly what she accuses Dawkins of, telling him to “take a breath” (Dawkins was rather patient; she was the one who needed to take a breath).  How dare he insinuate that she doesn’t read books (even though it is painfully obvious) and how dare scientists want to teach science to students!  She has walked through the Smithsonian more than once, she’ll have him know, and that makes her an expert in all sciences, all of which are wrong (she inferred that the museum visits made her an expert on evolution v. creationism), and she knows this because she has perfect knowledge in all things through her lord jesus christ (I threw that in, but that is one fundamentalist belief and attitude).

Below is Part 1/7.  I don’t know how I made it through all seven videos (10 minutes each) yesterday.  Dawkins is a patient mo-fo for enduring Wright’s demeaning, I’m-so-holy attitude and psychotic laughter.  Demanding evidence from Dawkins and when given evidence, she declares that it’s not because she (or god) says so (insert condescending sigh combined with concerned-for-your-soul look, followed by psycho-laughter), and expressing astonishment at how Dawkins can just accept something on blind faith without any evidence whatsoever.  Irony meter melted.

Advice for creationists: How ’bout take that creationism/ID bullshit and teach it in your church where it belongs — keep it out of the fucking science classrooms.


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The Faith Healer Experience Of Creationist William Dembski

Here’s a good read at Daylight Atheism, discussing an article written by Dembski on his experience going to the notorious ‘faith healer’ Todd Bentley.  I’ve mentioned Bentley before — he’s part of the Christian Reconstructionist species of Xtian; also called Dominion Theology, Seven Mountains Theology, and a few other monikers.

William Dembski has before ‘endorsed’ a faith healer by the name of Jaerock Lee.  I’d guess he’s got to be a little disillusioned now?  Question the silliness of his faith?  There’s no such thing as magic, folks.

Anyway, from the post at Daylight Atheism:

Most of you have probably heard the name of William Dembski, one of the prominent advocates of intelligent-design creationism. Like all ID advocates, Dembski claims vehemently that his work is scientific and not in any way motivated by his religious beliefs, which is why he’s currently a professor of philosophy at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

But never mind that; today, somewhat surprisingly, I come to praise Dembski rather than bury him. That’s because I’ve come across this very interesting essay of his about his family’s experience visiting a faith healer.

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