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Religious Heads Exploding In Unison

The outpouring of pure hatred from the Religious Right talking heads — you can almost hear them screaming “God damn America!” It’s as if they’re wishing for catastrophes to happen just so their insane rantings will be proven.  The purely demented, drama-laden wailings and obsession with sex is both hilarious and sad.

Read the rants on Right Wing Watch – “Reaction to DADT Vote: “The Few, the Proud, the Sexually Twisted” read the reactions from Bryan Fischer of the American “Family” Association and Tony Perkins of the “Family Research” Council (tied to white supremacists), Matt Staver of “Freedom” Federation, Peter LaBarbera of Americans for “Truth”, Mass Resistance, and former chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt (who was court-martialed in 2006 for disobeying orders).

We are now stuck with sexual deviants serving openly in the U.S. military because of turncoat Republican senators … Had the cloture vote failed, we would still have sane moral and sexual standards governing military personnel policy. But sadly those days are gone, perhaps forever.

Oh, the irony of these lunatics calling other people sexual deviants with their diapers and hookers and  committing adultery while their wives lay cancer-stricken.  And it’s well known how pure and chaste heterosexuals are in the military, especially when 1-in-3 women report being sexually assaulted and raped by male heterosexual soldiers.

The rant from Mass Resistance comes complete with a centerfold photo of Scott Brown, who apparently “doesn’t have a problem showering no matter who is ogling him.”

UPDATE: Right Wing Watch reports that most of the right-wingosphere, so far, is dead silent on the repeal:

When Judge Vaughan Walker struck down Proposition 8, Religious Right leaders were falling over one another to release statements decrying it … but the repeal of DADT has largely yielded collecting silence.

So far, we have not heard a peep about the vote from the American Center for Law and Justice, Concerned Women for America, The Eagle Forum, Focus on the Family, the Traditional Values Coalition, Vision America, The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, The Christian Coalition, Renewing America Leadership or anything from conservative leaders like Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, James Dobson, Newt Gingrich, or Richard Land.

Waiting to gauge the public response to calculate what they’re going to spew; the hate-group leaders like Perkins, Fischer, and LaBarbera quoted in the first RWW link just don’t care any more — they cannot sound any crazier than they already do.


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TN Judge (Magistrate, Actually) Suggests Corrective Rape For Lesbians In Military

Unfuckingbelievable.  This person needs to be put on suspension and submit to a psychological evaluation pronto.  If you want to read serious crazy from someone with some deep-seated issues, read the article at The Daily Caller (link in quote below).

But, first, read below for what the chicken-shits scrubbed from the article. From Raw Story:

The conservative news site The Daily Caller has removed part of an article that suggested lesbians be allowed into the US military so that their male colleagues can “convert” them.

Critics say the article went as far as to suggest corrective rape for lesbians.

“Lesbians should be allowed to serve, gay men should not,” declared Joe Rehyansky in an article published Monday. Rehyansky, an Army veteran who served in Vietnam, is a part-time magistrate in Hamilton County, Tennessee, and a former assistant district attorney.

In the original article, Rehyansky concluded that his lesbians-only policy “would get the distaff part of our homosexual population off our collective ‘Broke Back,’ thus giving straight male GIs a fair shot at converting lesbians and bringing them into the mainstream.


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Scott Lively On The Daily Show

Scott Lively, the model Christian sociopath psychopath who dropped “a nuclear bomb against the gay agenda in Uganda” (his own words) and who is responsible for fueling the fires of hatred in other countries around the globe, was interviewed  by Jason Jones on The Daily Show about ending DADT.

I am not gay! Hrmph!
Christian sociopath Scott Lively on The Daily Show

After this fuckwit Lively explains that the Nazis persecuted gays in order to divert attention from their own gayness, the look on his face is priceless when Jason Jones says, “So, that which you hate the most, you secretly are.” After a beautifully uncomfortable pause (for Lively) and brow-raising from Jones, Lively retorts “I am not gay”, inflected with a “how dare you” tone. The audience howls, Jones says “I didn’t say you were.”  This video won’t embed, so click the link above or below.

via: Ex-Gay Watch

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Yuma, AZ Mayor: No Lacy-Drawered, Limp-Wristed Fags!

Jeebus Effing Christ, what a clueless idiot.

UPDATE: Krieger issues Limp Apology ROFL @ Limp!  Yeah, Al Krieger’s “apology” further reveals what a cluess dumb fuck he is.

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“Gays Were Taken Care Of”: Admission To Committing Crimes?

Ron Kirkland, admitting to crimes committed against gays``````

Ron Kirkland, (a physician!) brags about committing crimes against gay people?

What do these assholes mean by this exactly? This is what two political candidates in Tennesee said at a Tea Party event:

Kirkland, a Vietnam veteran, said of his time in the military: “I can tell you if there were any homosexuals in that group, they were taken care of in ways I can’t describe to you.”

Smith, who served in the first Iraqi war, added: “I definitely wouldn’t want to share a shower with a homosexual. We took care of that kind of stuff, just like (Kirkland) said.”

Investigate these assholes!  They have publicly bragged about having committed crimes, while active in military service.  And, they (Kirkland, anyway, it doesn’t say if Smith is) are physicians! Check on any rape cases that were swept under, considering the fact that 1-in-3 military women report being sexually assaulted by fellow soldiers, heterosexual male soldiers.  Pair those statistics with these two men’s (Kirkland and Smith) confessions of crimes while in the military and chances are very likely that they have assaulted female military personnel also.  Seems to make sense given how heterosexual men in general have a really difficult time controlling themselves, documented in many thousands of daily police reports across the world: rapes, murders, kidnappings, unspeakable child abuses — being male and heterosexual seems to preclude one to committing horrible crimes. </sarcasm> </sarcasm> Jeezus, it should be obvious.

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Letter To Tony Perkins, FRC, Ignored

I emailed the following letter to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in response to a public statement by Perkins that homosexuals will “engage in homosexual conduct” and go on raping rampages in the barracks if allowed to serve openly.  Yeh, it pisses me off, since  my partner is a vet, my first partner was a vet, and I have many, many gay and lesbian friends who have served this country in the U.S. military.  Anyway, a day later I received an automated response saying that they would review my letter and get back with me.  Never heard from them for almost two weeks and then it started … the regular email blasts urging my dollars and support to further their cause of hate and lies.  I am going to print this and snail-mail it to them with return-receipt; maybe make a couple changes or additions; I’m sure it will go into the shredder. I’m quite sure they hit the delete key after reading this:

Dear Tony: “Homosexual conduct”? Conduct like … SERVING THEIR COUNTRY, A-HOLE?  But, what exactly are you talking about, Tony?  I have zero respect for liars and people who ignorantly defame  and slander good people whom they DO NOT KNOW.)

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TVC’s Disgusting And Dishonest Scare Propaganda

the immoral TVC's shameless slander of U.S. soldiers

the Immoral "Traditional Values" Coalition's shameless slander of our U.S. military MEN and WOMEN

Christians, LYING AGAIN to scare people into giving them money, I know, what a goddamn surprise.

The immoral “Traditional Values” Coalition, with their outright shameful slander of our U.S. military men and women, go the traditional christian route of using false imagery, lies and scare tactics.  This “lady” went out of her way to find her effeminate male dressed in costume at some gay parade.  Nice one, Andrea Lafferty, you slanderous, disrespectful, lying cow.  (I won’t call her a “bitch” because I love dogs, and would not want to insult poor. defenseless female canines.  Zero respect for this cow and the others in the herd.)

The sad part is, these people really ARE THIS STUPID.  I know one of the points of christianity is to “separate yourselves from the world”, but all that does is make these stupid, ignorant, brainless sheep targets of derision.  And, they’re TOO STUPID TO KNOW that what they’re saying is stupid.  This stupid woman, Andrea Lafferty says (emphasis added):

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