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Ugandan Tabloid Headline: Hang Them!

Gay Ugandans are living in fear.

Uganda's Rollin Stone: HANG THEM

Inside page: HANG THEM

Scott Lively’s “nuclear bomb” on Uganda has exceeded all his hopes and dreams.  Anti-gay witch-hunts and violence have sky-rocketed since the conferences he attended in Kampala, new anti-gay legislation that includes the death penalty is pending in parliament, and tabloid papers are now calling for gays to be hanged, including alleged names and photos.  Scott Lively and the rest of his fellow christianists should be very proud of this outcome.

Ugandan tabloid Rolling Stone, "Hang them!"

Ugandan tabloid Rolling Stone

Scott Lively has even bragged about his work there and stated that the anti-gay bill is a “step in the right direction.”  Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Nevada also supports the bill and is a financial supporter of the diabolical pastor Martin Ssempa. [UPDATE: this church as recently said that they’ve dropped their support of Ssempa.]

“That sensationalist packaging and messaging is part of the religious right’s rhetoric in the United States, too, and especially for Lively’s conspiracy-minded assertions of a link between Nazism and homosexuality. Uganda merely provided Lively a more friendly stage; as he said in Kampala, “I can’t say this in America, but I can say it in Africa.” But as evidenced by Fischer’s frequent echoing of Lively’s writings, and the refusal of leading religious right and Republican figures to distance themselves from Fischer, in some domestic circles he certainly can say those things. In Uganda it translated into the AHB, which Lively has called a “step in the right direction.”

And, it is the direction that christianists like Scott Lively, Bryan Fischer, Lou Engle (to name just a few) would love to see in the United States.

Added: Another link on this from Religion Dispatches: “The US Religious Right and the LGBT Crisis In Uganda



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FRC Spent $25K To Lobby Congress In Support Of Uganda’s Death Penalty For Gays

What we already know, here’s more proof that American evangelical leaders want queers DEAD.  Spread this far and wide:

From Joe.My.God.:

“CHRISTIAN LOVE: Family Research Council Lobbied Congress Against Resolution Denouncing Uganda’s Kill Gays Bill”

It’s time for the Southern Poverty Law Center to reclassify the Family Research Council as an official hate group, not merely anti-gay as they are now listed. According to the FRC’s official lobbying report for the first quarter of 2010, they paid two of their henchmen $25,000 to lobby Congress against approving a resolution denouncing Uganda’s plan to execute homosexuals.  The resolution passed in the Senate on April 13th, but remains languishing in the House almost four months after being referred to the Foreign Affairs Committee. Did the FRC’s lobbying kill it? As we learned last week with Malawi, international pressure CAN sway even the most virulently anti-gay government.

Below are three screencaps of the 20-page Family Research Council lobbying report supplied to me by Duncan Osbourne at Gay City News. Among the other items they lobbied against are the overturn of DADT and DOMA, which is to be expected. But it’s almost astounding, almost, that they would lobby the members of Congress against denouncing the death penalty for LGBT people. THIS needs to fucking THROWN in Tony Perkins’ and Peter Sprigg’s smirking faces the next time they appear on cable television to speak in soothing voices about the FRC’s godly gentle love for homosexuals. The proof is right below on official United States government stationery. The Family Research Council wants you DEAD. Glory! Praise His Name! Also: Die, faggots, die!

See the screencaps at JMG.

Look, these loving christians have made it no secret what they want to happen here in this country.  They want gay people exported, imprisoned, and/or executed … Peter Sprigg, Tony Perkins, Bryan Fischer, Scott Lively, Joel McDurmon, Andrea Lafferty, her father Louis Sheldon, Peter LaBarbera, Matt Barber, Matt Staver, the Wildmons … Jeezus, the list goes on and on and on and on … and on.

HOW can people buy into this hatred?  Sooooo afraid of thinking for themselves, soooo afraid that they might realize there is something really fishy about the whole relgiony, churchy thing.  Soooo afraid to admit that they’re entire lives are built on belief in fairy tales.

UPDATE: The Wa-Po picked up Joe.My.God.’s post, and the FRC has responded.  What utter bullshit.

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Neal Horsley Is Naming Gay Kenyans For Death

This christian sociopath, Neal “Mule-Fucker” Horsley, who was arrested after the YouTube video of his “Elton John must die” protest was posted, is running a website in Kenya that is naming specific people and outing them and calling for their deaths.  This has got to be illegal for a U.S. citizen to post public death threats in another country.

There are efforts underway to get the host, goDaddy.com, to pull the site projectsee.com.  He has his organization there putting up “Not Wanted” posters up in several cities in Kenya; the posters show photos and contact information, in Swahili, for “known homosexuals”.  Below is a really sick photo I got from his projectSEE (Stop Exporting Evil) website.  Now we know what type of men turn Horsley on. These homophobic, closeted types like this always seem to be fixated on masculine, muscular, good-looking men.  They FEAR the homo inside of them so much that they are willing to kill, literally kill, anyone that puts that fear in their faces.  They FEAR what they perceive as a threat to their masculinity because they are not secure in it themselves.

He also targets a gay travel site gay2afrika.com … it appears to be like any other gay travel agency, but Horsley is convinced that they arrange butt-fucking safaris and hunt down children.  He can’t wrap his head around the idea that gay people actually live lives and work and travel on vacations just like heteros do, and they like to do business with gay-owned businesses.  His suspicions of this travel agency are bizarre and would be hilarious if he wasn’t so demented and dangerous because of the influence he is wielding in Africa.


"Arrest Sodomites" - photo on Horsley's website

Photo on Horsley's website - now we know what type turns him on.

Here’s an article by Horsley, “Arrrest Homosexuals – It’s For Their Own Good”, on Dan Savage’s site.  This dude is clearly buck-ass insane.


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Scott Lively, Martin Ssempa Profiled On ABC

This is thankfully gaining more attention in “mainstream” press.  The direct ties are documented and undeniable: dangerous sociopath Scott Lively’s and other U.S. evangelicals’ ties to the Ugandan anti-gay legislation.  Lively denies all of it; then he’s proud of it, but maintains his innocence; Ugandan officials have given him credit for it; and then they say he wasn’t a factor; then he was …  Lies beget more lies, and these Death Ministers know no shame.

I can’t get the vid to embed, so here’s the link for the BTB post with video.  (Click the link in above paragraph for another blog’s post with video.)

ABC interviews dangerous sociopath Martin Ssempa

ABC's segment on Scott Lively

Clip of sociopath Scott Lively proudly dropping his "nuclear bomb" in Wganda


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FB Page Calls For Lining Up Gays And Shooting Them

Twitter screenshot - shoot gays - names redacted

Twitter screenshot: FB page: "Gays should be lined up and Shot"

The hateful, anti-gay rhetoric that is being tossed around like crazy, keeps getting crazier, and bolder.

This tweet I received this morning, names redacted, reports a FaceBook page entitled “Gays should be lined up and Shot”.  I do not have a FB account, but this makes me want to get one; and I think I will because this is only the latest I’ve seen of the many, many manifestations of intolerance and hatred being fanned out in public.  Ignorance is being perpetuated with intentional false-witness campaigns by the religious right.

The leaders of these well-financed, national Christianist Political Lobbying organizations (who should start paying taxes!) have been coming out full-throttle with public statements regarding the arrest, incarceration, forced “conversion” “therapy”, and even the deportation of openly gay citizens.  It is very alarming and they must be called out and called attention to.  This is hate speech.

Dominion theology proponents have been creeping into our political system for many years now.  Uganda is their societal testing ground for what they would like to see in the United States.

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For The Record, Molotov Mitchell Should Check The Facts First

The most-read Christian website (and the fourth most-read conservative site), WorldNutDaily, posted the below video by WND columnist “Molotov Mitchell” for his “For the Record” rants.  (“Molotov“, the Russian word for big flaming liar)  Why can’t any of these people goddamn think for themselves and do some fact-checking?  It’s pretty obvious that the dood hasn’t even read the text of the proposed Bill in the Ugandan legislature.  After the fold, I want to point out a few fallacies.

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AFA Radio Host: It’s Time To Imprison All Homos

This is fucking INSANE. These people must be exposed.  There are more religious whack-jobs that think this way than you would believe.  Sociopaths hiding behind religion.

From Joe.My.God.

American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer has called for sending homosexuals to prison for forced reparative therapy, a move he says is sanctioned by the Bible. Below, he responds to an email from a complaining listener.

Thanks for writing me about my comments on my program regarding homosexuality. It might be worth noting that what I actually suggested is that we impose the same sanctions on those who engage in homosexual behavior as we do on those who engage in intravenous drug abuse, since both pose the same kind of risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. I’d be curious to know what you think should be done with IV drug abusers, because whatever it is, I think the same response should be made to those who engage in homosexual behavior.

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